Beppe Marotta Is My God
May 26, 2009

How come nobody posted?

He won the award for the best executive in football
Only gonna be one winner :beppe:


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May 29, 2005
FIFA to limit loan deals
By Football Italia staff

FIFA plans to limit the number of players clubs can loan out to six in order to prevent them from stockpiling young talent.
The FIFA Football Stakeholders Committee met in London on Tuesday with representatives from the European Club Association, World Leagues Forum and FIFPro, as well as member associations, confederations and the FIFA administration.
It was there that backing was given to a ‘groundbreaking reform package’ of the transfer system, which would ‘increase the transparency of the system, protect its integrity and reinforce solidarity mechanisms for training clubs.’
“We have brought everyone to the table and all key actors of the industry have understood that we need to take action, leading today to this reform proposal,” said President Gianni Infantino.
“This is a significant first step towards achieving greater transparency, the effective enforcement of rules that will deliver millions in solidarity payments to clubs, and developing a consensus on how to tackle the issue of agents, loans and other key aspects of the transfer system.”
The proposals, which will now be submitted to the FIFA Council for approval, also include the creation of a ‘clearing house’, mandatory introduction of an electronic transfer system at national level, new and stronger regulations for agents and solidarity contributions for domestic transfers with an ‘international dimension’.
France Football previously pointed out that Juventus had loaned out 41 players last season, Udinese 27, Chelsea 22 and Manchester City 18.



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Aug 29, 2010
Beppe saw this shit coming and shifted all our business to recompra. Jedi master.

Sendt fra min ANE-LX1 med Tapatalk
Was gonna say that

Bunch of incompetent fucking uefa retard peasants.

Beppe anticipated that before they even came up with it.

Also, @Enron can you start handing out lifetime bans for those who are even remotely surprised God_Beppe won this formality of a reward ?

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