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Mar 21, 2004
italy coach giovanni trapattoni says parma hotshot alberto gilardino:kiss:will not be chosen for Euro 2004.

"gilardino is a young with excellent technical qualities"he told German magazine Kicker.

"he is already shown his abilities with the azzurri but his team his time WILL COME AFTRE THIS SUMMER'S FINAL":fero:

"he is still very young and you need a certain amount of experience in a tournament such as this"
i'm sure TrAp will choose cassano for Euro 2004.but cassano is too young too and honestly gila has performed much better than him at this season.
so what is diffrence?

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Sep 28, 2002
cassano must go. he was brilliant this year. besides, with totti he's deadly. cassano or gilardino is not the problem. they are different players. gilardino should go ahead of corradi or whoever will be the second striker after vieri. shit, di vaio/miccoli/del piero - gilardino should go ahead of them all.
Mar 21, 2004
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    i want to know,when trap is talking about EXPERIENCE..what is the diffrence between cassano and gila?
    also cassano is FAR from his best form these days.


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    Feb 21, 2004
    I guess Trapp wants to count on the Totti/Cassano tie.

    It's a pity Gilardino won't go.

    When will the squad be finally announced? Early June?
    Aug 27, 2003
    well we have many talented players in italy and it is only fair to give those chances..
    yes gilardino is young let him enjoy his days with the youth team and give the chances to those older players..
    cassano isnt that convincing these last days we will see now..


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    Apr 22, 2003
    Welcome Juve_Kosova ;)

    I think Gila will go to WC06, provided he plays half as well as he has this season.


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    Aug 21, 2003
    its bad that gila will stay outside the squad, he diserved the place there by his performence, though i agree with idea that trap is looking forward to totti/cassan tie, but if it won't work that well as in natinal championship?

    btw when the announcement concerning azzuri will be made?


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    Feb 21, 2004
    ++ [ originally posted by sallyinzaghi ] ++
    it wont be so bad. Gilardino's young, he'll have other opportunities.

    I just hope Delvecchio's not in the squad :D
    I am pretty sure he isn't :D

    I think the announcement should come late this month after a friendly with Tunisia.


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    Nov 18, 2003

    Gila will definitly make to WC 2006 .. coz the attackers are getting old such as Vieri 31, inzaghi 30?, and DP turning 30.

    Inzaghi is one for sure that wont make to WC 2006.


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    Nov 16, 2001
    I don't think Gilardino should be in the squad for Euro. He has only played one good season and that is with a rather small team. Miccoli was great last year with Perugia buyt is far frmo that good now when he's playing with a bigger club.
    Gilardino is a great talent but he wouldn't make it in the Euro this year.

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