Gianni "L'Avvocato" Agnelli Tribute (1 Viewer)


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Aug 21, 2010
17 years without Giovanni Agnelli

Giovanni Agnelli passed away in 2003: he was one of the most important figures in our history


On January 24, 2003 Giovanni Agnelli left us. His memory and his strength are still alive and present in today's Juventus; it’s a culture that is conscious of its roots and is always focused on the future, and one which is committed daily to improving itself in line with what its vision is.

Every success achieved over the years is dedicated to "L'Avvocato". We are sure that he would have smiled when seeing his Juve continue to grow without borders and he would have commented on these extraordinary years with his unmistakable style.

"I get excited even when I read the letter J in some newspaper headlines. Juventus comes straight to mind." Thus, recites one of his most iconic quotes, which can be found at the Juventus Museum.

Even those who read, hear or think of Giovanni Agnelli's name think of Juventus. It is an association that reveals a deep and everlasting bond, which will remain unchanged forever.

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