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Jun 16, 2020
Exactly this, on the right there is Chiesa who tracks back, on the left Ramsey goes to the middle and is not helping much. Attack wise we can't really say this guy is that bad, the problem lies in defence, but it might be also caused by our strange tactics.
And also Ronaldo playing on his side. People tent to forget these things when they see a player struggle. Not saying he’s the next Zambrotta but so reactions are a bit too much imo.


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Mar 6, 2007
I dont care about Frabota. Its not his fault that Cuads and Alex are injured. He is a fourth choice player and is playing like one. No complaints here.
I think that's the issue. At best he will be third choice in any position, and part of the squad as such. But as has been pointed out, if Frabotta ends up playing 20+ games then it's because management have left the squad imbalanced. We've seemed light in these areas since the Lichtsteiner and Asamoah era.

Still, it's better to develop our own squad players than to pay Genoa €15m for somebody to play 12-15 games per season.

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