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Apr 22, 2003

Gaucci defends nandrolone
Saturday 18 October, 2003

Perugia President Luciano Gaucci has come out with another controversial statement, suggesting nandrolone should not be banned.

“Some Professors maintain that eating chicken or veal can lift the level of nandrolone in your system,” said the patron.

“It should not be considered a banned substance in sport. There are other far more dangerous doping drugs.”

The statement emerged after a former Perugia player, Parma’s Manuele Blasi (pictured), failed a drug test for a derivative of anabolic steroid nandrolone this week.

“This is just my own personal theory,” continued Gaucci, “but it could be possible that changing your integrator could create a false picture of your system.”

Last year a spate of nandrolone cases, which started at Perugia with Christian Bucchi and Salvatore Monaco, was partially blamed on integrators that were flown in from America.

It was claimed at the time that some products contained traces of nandrolone despite not registering this on the packet.

Clubs became much more strict on which products were used on their players and the anti-doping rules tightened even more in Italy.

Parma are now suggesting that a hair tonic used by Blasi may have contributed to raising the levels of norandrosterone in his system above the legal limit.

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Layce Erayce

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Aug 11, 2002
I think the FIGC should look into how accurate or worthwhile this nandrolone witch-hunts really are.

Gaucci may have a point altho I dont particularly like the man.


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Jul 12, 2002
How can eating chicken or veal raise the levels of nandrolone in your system to be so high that you can fail a dope test and if that the case, why am i still such a lazy bugger as there is surely a rooster somewhere in me screaming to be let out as I have eaten so much KFC
Gauchi is just wonderful the way his mind works, as Vit says noone like publicity as much as he does

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