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Apr 14, 2013
Now this poll and in summer we will end up with Jerome Boateng. Just saying.
Manolas (too lazy to check if hes in the poll)

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Koulibaly would be a dream signing for the defense
Get Koulibaly and De Ligt + keep Rugani and we are set for something like 10 years..
Reality wise Koulibaly is not someone we can sign as 1. We wont pay 100M for a defender 2. Im pretty sure he is one of those mentals who see Juve as Napoli`s rival and declare they wont move to the so called rival.. (This time the so called rival phrase fit)

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Romagnoli is probably the most overrated young defender in Italy.. I never understood why people rate him so much.. I mean yeah he is good for a young defender but Rugani is far better..

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