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May 18, 2003
I found this story at one of the sites of Coco *some crazy fans*...It's not mine, but It's kinda old but I liked it and wanted to share it with you...;)

Now that Francesco is playing for Barcelona, he will be living in Spain, right?
Coco: "Ovviamente!!!"
Yes, chico, just checking!
Coco: "Hmmm...."
In that case... Nadia has offered to give him free Spanish lessons!!!
Erin: (laughs like a madman) "MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Coco is taking Spanish lessons from someone who doesn't even speak proper Spanish?!?!?!?! That's the funniest thing I've heard in YEARS!!!"
Nadia: (arms crossed in front of chest) "Very funny, Erin! Contrary to what you think, I do understand Spanish. I may not speak proper Spanish but I can certainly teach him the basics!!!"
Erin: "I'd like to see you try!!!" (still laughing like a madman)
Nadia: (ignores laughing Erin) "Fine. Whatever." (turns to a nervous-looking Coco) "Allora, chico, sei pronto per la prima lezione di spagnolo con me, la belissima profesoressa Nadia Aimar???" (thunders and lightnings strikes behind the standing Nadia)
Amy (Dolcissima18): "Err, Nadia, let's just use English, ne? Some people out there don't speak Italian and they want to know how the story goes..."
Coco: (with Italian accent) "But I don't speak English!"
Amy: (rolls his eyes) "Honey, you just did."
Coco: (realizes what he had just said) "Oh, yes, you are right!!!"
Nadia: (waves her hand dismissively) "All right, all right... we'll use English! Now, let's begin the lesson! Coco, say something in Spanish!"
Coco: (dumbstruck) "Whaaat??? How??? I don't know any Spanish!!!"
Nadia: "Just say whatever..."
Amy: (whispers it to Coco) "Say: estoy perdido sin Amy..."
Coco: "Estoy perdido sin Amy."
Nadia: (angrily) "WHAAAAT?!?!?! Do you actually think I am going to let Amy trick me into taking you away from my side???"
Coco: (dumbfounded) "What did I say?"
Nadia: "AMY! Stop whispering words to her!!!" (turns to Coco) "We'll keep it simple. Try to say: hello, Nadia, good day! You look very beautiful!"
Coco: (looks desperate) "I don't know..."
Erin: (telepathically) "Allo, Nadia, bonjour!!! Tu es très stupide!!!"
Coco: (smiles proudly) "GOT IT!!! Allo, Nadia, bonjour!!! Tu es très stupide..."
Nadia: (angrily) "Will everyone stop bugging me?!?!?! I am trying to teach him some Spanish here..."
Amy: (innocently) "But you don't speak Spanish, Nadia. Yes, I know you're Spanish... well, only half that is... but... still... even my Spanish is better..." (pushes Nadia from a cliff that appeared suddenly out of nowhere) "Well, now, Coco, we've gotten rid of that evil Nadia... let's study Spanish, ne?"
Erin: "QUICK!!! She's starting to speak in Japanese!!!"
Amy: "Iie! Now, Coco, the first thing you must learn is to say the greetings! Buenos dias means ohayou gozaimasu, buenas tardes means konnichiwa and buenas noches means konbanwa!" (makes a sickeningly sweet face) "Wakarimasuka(?)"
Coco: (tiredly) "What in the world is she talking about?"
Erin: (arrives with a police squad) "Arrest her. She is abusing two languages at the same time! Life sentence!!! Life sentence!!!" (while the police squad arrests Amy and drags her away, she winks at Coco in a very demure way) "See you later!" (leaves with Amy and the squad)
Coco: "Mi caro Dio... cosa è successo???"
Fio (Orange Blossom 7): "Ciao, Coco! I am the new Spanish teacher... let's study, shall we?"
Coco: (stands up abruptly) "NO!!!"
Fio: "Why not???"
Coco: "I know Spanish already! Hear this... yo soy Francesco Coco, un jugador de futbol de Italia. Por favor, vلyase!!! Me vuelvo loco!!! Adios!!!" (runs away from the room)
Fio: (exasperatedly) "Well, why didn't he just say he knew Spanish already??" (thinks thoughtfully) "Then again... I don't know if he knows the difference between the verbs ser and estar already or not... I must find out. If he doesn't know, I must bring him to Nadia for explanation!!!" (chases Coco) "Wait!!! COCO!!!!! DO YOU KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SER AND ESTAR???"
Coco: (screams as he runs) "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"
Now that we have finished torturing Coco with Spanish lessons... well, sort of... we are going to leave you to study Spanish on your own! Anyone interested? We can teach you!!! *wink* ^_^

:D :D :D :LOL:

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