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Nov 1, 2004
This year Serie A has a different outlook. One can say that an addition of two teams to twenty provides a different outlook, but there is another factor, as I pondered this query at the neighbourhood café. I went home and did some research and I found the other obvious factor of why Serie A has a different outlook this year. The southern Italian teams are doing really well this year and it is the northern teams that are suffering, as Brescia and Atalanta are the first candidates to enter the Serie B hotel.
In the mid 80’s southern Italian soccer was entering it zenith. Palermo reached two Italian cup finals, only to lose both times. However, a new team arrived on the block to challenge the status quo. That team was Napoli. With a great team that had players like Ciro Ferrara and the one and only Maradona, Napoli hit Serie A like a storm. Napoli challenged the status quo and with great displays of football and individual talent from Maradona, they became an instant sensation and a force to be reckoned with. They remind me of the Edmonton Oilers (a hockey team), a squad that was young driven and would achieve 4 Stanley Cup victories in the 80’s setting a mini dynasty and setting themselves up as one of the greatest teams of all time. Now due to financial issues, the good old days are now gone. Napoli too achieved great things. 2 Scudetti and an UFEA Cup and a Coppa Italia. Napoli became the new team on the block and with their fan base they became the team of the south. They gave confidence to southern Italians, that they did not have to live in the shadows, but they could compete and defeat their northern counterparts.

A new sense of opportunity and optimism swept the south. Many believed that they could compete and thrive. Therefore, massive projects were made and Bari hosted a Champions League final and the 3rd place game of Italy vs. England in Italia 90. Napoli too was not to be outdone as they hosted the Semifinal game of Italy vs. Argentina. The night of joy became the night of nightmares as Italy were beaten by Argentina in a shoot out.

The nightmare soon spread to southern Italian soccer in general. Napoli would become a mid table team, eventually being relegated and just recently bankrupt. Bari, Lecce would enjoy up and down years and finally there were years of no team from the south in Serie A. Serie B became as many would say the Southern Italian League and there were some pundits calling for a separate League for southern teams.

However, that did not occur. Instead a period of development came about. Reggina invested wisely and with consistency reentered Serie A, struggled, but this year they have gelled making Granillo their turf and have made every team sweat on home soil. Palermo, with an ambitious President and with deep pockets, invested wisely and created a team capable of a UFEA Cup spot with Guidolin leading the way. Lecce hired an experienced coach (Zeman) playing attractive attacking soccer (who says that Serie A is defensive and boring) and Messina, have held their ground. These teams have great players in Doni, Bonazzoli, Nakamura, and Bojinov (recently sold to Fiorentina). It now seems to me that these clubs Presidents have learnt a thing or two from northern teams: consistency, efficiency, development of young players and in the ability to invest in the future. There is a new kid on the block who is willing to challenge the status quo.

Of course there are those who would day that this is a flash in the pan and look what happened to Roma and Lazio. However, let’s call a spade a spade. From my travels there is a new sense of identity on the south and they have rallied and supported their teams. There is a will a plan from managements to create teams that are capable of reaching Europe. This cannot be ignored. All good things come to an end; just look at Torino and Genoa, but there is also another notion: the phoenix rises from the ashes. From the fire a new and stronger entity comes forth. Southern Italian soccer has entered the cauldron of fire and remained in there for quite some time. Now it has risen from the ashes of the cauldron with a purpose and mission: to be competitive and to mature into teams of contention.

Southern Italy has always been under the shadow of the south. However, with the will, drive, investment and the right direction shown by these teams, they have created a catalyst for future achievements. Can they challenge the status quo and create a new world order in Serie A? Look at Napoli. There is a plan and a goal like Fiorentina to return to Serie A. Palermo has ambitious plans to acquire great players, so too Reggina. Lecce has sold two great strikers: Chevanton last year and Bojinov this year. So can a New World Order be created? The answer I believe is yes for the will or as my father says the voglia is there and most importantly; the phoenix has risen.

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Jul 28, 2003
the phoenix has indeed risen... but for how long it will..?? for how many seasons..?? some of the teams that you mentioned are capable of surviving.. but this is only this year.. these teams don't have other tough competitions to participate in.. and I think, next year, if let's say Palermo and Sampdoria will play in a european competition.. they won't survive fighting in two sides.. see parma this year.. or that what I think..

anyway, nice thread chxta..

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