[FRIENDLY] JUVENTUS A 3-1 JUVENTUS B [August 14th, 2019] (1 Viewer)


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Apr 14, 2013
He is next in line, they don't count his year away
plus im pre sure Buffon doesn't want it cause he isnt a starter, he just wants to help when needed, hence why he didnt take the armband or number 1 shirt
Last year Dybala, Mandzu and Sami were all ahead of him. I call BS, bring back EuroMaxx the maintainer of balance


Mar 30, 2003
According to Football Italia Dybala will be getting his first minutes of the summer...

They must if forgot he played against Atletico. They are worst than Goal ever were.


Jun 17, 2011
Blister on the foot? That's a new one. With all that money they get and sponsorships from Adidas, you would figure they would only get the best of custom fitted equipment available.

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