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Jun 8, 2005
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The new season is off!

The races in 2010:

Bahrain will kick off like this:

1. Sebastian Vettel (Njem / RBR-Renault) 1:54.101

2. Felipe Massa (Bra / Ferrari) 1:54.242

3. Fernando Alonso (Špa / Ferrari) 1:54.608

4. Lewis Hamilton (VB / McLaren-Mercedes) 1:55.217

5. Nico Rosberg (Njem / Mercedes GP) 1:55.241

6. Mark Webber (Aus / RBR-Renault) 1:55.284

7. Michael Schumacher (Njem / Mercedes GP) 1:55.524

8. Jenson Button (VBr / McLaren-Mercedes) 1:55.672

9. Robert Kubica (Polj / Renault) 1:55.885

10. Adrian Sutil (Njem / Force India) 1:56.309


After a long time, I'm really excited about this sport! I'm even glad Schumi is back and kind of find myself torn between supporting Ferrari or not supporting them. All that stems from the hatred I feel for Hamilton(and his father :p ) and there's no sweeter way to hurt him than Alonso creaming his ass with a Ferrari.
May 22, 2007
You know you want to back the red stallions and Alonso :p

I'm gutted Schumi isn't in the Ferrari. Hope he wins the drivers with Ferrari constructors.


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Jan 24, 2003
The constituents of the top 8 were exactly as expected, but the order is interesting. Vettel wouldn't have been my pick for the pole, but the Red Bulls seem to be no less quick than last year.

I kind of hope Schumacher picks up a bit more pace with time. It'd be a sorry sight to see him scrapping for top six finishes instead of for wins.


May 11, 2004
It's great to see the king back but I am no longer used to him with another car than a Ferrari.

I am tipping Alonso for the title.

And what is Mercedes GP? Is that Brawn?

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