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Sep 29, 2008
Vettel has won many occasions already this year, no?


F1 is boring as fuck as long as Mercedes and Hamilton keeps winning. Can't stand either of them...


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Jul 15, 2002
Everyone is wondering why F1 is losing popularity and the FIA keep making things worse such as making qualifying even more complicated.

I have a solution.

Make F1 great again (don't want to sound like Donald Trump). How? Make it exciting by making it FASTER. F1 is WAY too slow. Did you know that F1 lap times are on average 6-10 seconds a lap slower than what they were in 2004? And I mean race laps. The drivers are not even breaking a sweat.

People moan about turbo engines not making noise etc. No. Nobody wants to see drivers nursing their tyres or trying to save fuel. They want to see people giving it 100% every lap!

Also, there are too many regulations. Easy up on it already. Let people use whatever grade of tyre they want during the race - if they want to run mediums or soft the whole time - so be it. Why make people use 1 of each - that is just rules for rules sake.

Make the cars lighter, ease up on the fuel flow regulations, have fatter tyres. I am a green guy - I am all about saving the planet - I even drive an electric car....but being green doesn't make F1 more exciting - let them just go fast for christ sake and make it exciting again. Make people say - wow those F1 cars are something else - now they are not that much better than GP2 cars. Its very sad.

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