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Apr 22, 2007
I know im not exactly at 10k, or even 9k to be precise but with, my time being steadily consumed by my studies I don’t think I will be hitting either of these marks in the immediate future, so I’m just going to go ahead and do a dedication thread now before I get too tied up. I know a lot of members don’t like these, but I’m doing it anyway because I first joined on these forums back when I was a 16 year old bored in a computer room lesson at secondary school and now I’m almost 20, so its been a good 4 years of my life.

I’m not exactly part of the group that goes on within the forum, mostly because of my social ineptness and inability to partake in small talk. Excuse me for the dedications that may sound wooden but I’ll try my best and get everyone in that I think deserves a dedication, so here goes:

Reese: A special mention first. My past best friend on the forums, she really took me under her wing when I first joined and we used to have great discussions for our love of Hugh Laurie and House :D I know she’s qualified in law now so understand why she can’t be around here but I still miss her a lot :sad:

Dusan: I joined the same time around as him and we stuck together quite a lot at the beginning of things. He really is one of the most likable people on the forums and actually has surprised me with the level of competency he has managing the forums, and to think he is just a giant sandwich with a six pack :D

Jack: The great man, he did such a great job as manager in the past, and I always enjoy reading his arguments because I don’t actually think I’ve seen him lose one :p Also helped me write this letter we sent to the figc back in the 2007 season for reasons I cant remember.

Red: Somebody else who is a supporter of they’re home team that has had its glories with a great manager and also wears the same colour as my home team :D. We share the same birthday :heart: Also has an excellent music taste that I cannot fault one bit, top guy I would love to go and watch an Aberdeen or Forest match with you. Also a student of the law, easily the person I have most in common with here :tup:

Andy: A bit of a tyrant at times :D sometimes I really do believe that you do just like to hate on people a bit randomly. But having said that you always show a lot of heart in your arguments and always come out with funny stuff that makes me laugh. One of the great supporters of this club here.

Burke: Too much hilarious stuff has been said to mention one thing, also is a real softy too from advice he’s given me. Sound guy and FM freak. :D

Mark: You are a shit informer, but that’s still the best we have here :p Without your daily dosage of news I don’t know what I’d do. Youd probably be able to race Jack with the mucles you’ve got on your legs from riding the bike to power up your dial up: lol:

Rab: Legend, I remember a few seasons back we had great fun calling Cambiasso. You make disgustingly funny posts, I’m starting to think you’re actually gay though now. :D

Bozi: You deserve a million +reps for what you did to Hanyuko. Also always make up great stories involving other members. Best avatar also :heart:

Icey: As cool as the name suggests, you didn’t need to take it as literally as to start wearing whit pants though!!! :lol:

Gray: Cool guy, hope Onetop is going well for you :tup:

Marty: Thank you so much for dealing with this site and you were awesome in getting donations, props :tup:

Swag: I think you’ve had that avatar forever :D, always a pleasure to read your posts in the hangout thread, I hope you enjoy SA :pint:

Ze: Really cool guy, I remember you never used to be short of controversy, but always fun :D

Salman: beatles fan :tup: don’t know where you’ve been lately though

Martin: I swear one day we will resume our conversation :p!!! But the Beatles are still better. I daresay the picture of you is as iconic as the Beatles crossing Abbey Road :D

Alen: Scout Milanista was the funniest thing ever, I stayed up so late just to watch you slowly torture him. Your stats breakdowns are great, and now I understand why :alen: is named after you because what you did with Lorena and Dusan. :D

Lorena: :heart: A super girl, really good friend to me and always pm’s me even when I forget to do it back. She puts up with my constant bore-talk over the Beatles, but then again I do the same with her team (joke!!!!) Lovely person and always positive and such a pleasure to have on the forums, maybe we will go and watch a match together one day and you can bring Dusan :D

Byrone: Love this guy so much, he has time for everybody and is one of my favourite members to joke around with, is really genuine, don't think I can put into words how much I enjoy you being here. Also your avatars :tup:

Sergio: You really helped me a lot, and I am eternally grateful for it. I hope you’re good. :)

Ahmed: Destroyer of turks!! We used to have fun but I haven’t really spoke to you in recent times. I’m still the undisputed ginger Italian though :D

Aush: Cool guy, plugged in with his music, and always happy to help, a good friend. My friend is coming Geneve to live for a year soon so look out for him ok? :D

Klin: Couldn’t put you anywhere else but after Aush, your resemblance to Chiellini is great :D

Blondu: Cool guy, don’t know why but we used to argue a bit when you first joined but I your such a sound guy I cant actually remember why!!! :heart:

Hustini: Just so you know I was hating Amauri a long time before you had started, but I admit you’ve taken it to the next level. :D

Dru: Awesome cool guy and always good fun to talk to!! :pint:

Shiek: Love you man, did you ever get that guitar? :D

V: I hope you meet Trez one day :D

Fred: We did have a pretty heated argument a while back, but you are a cool guy and I respect you :)

Aaron: Pool fan, I can dig that. Part of the trinity with Burke and Andy, those juventuz t-shits were classic!!

Kyle: You used to be a weirdo for such a long time, but then you must have had a seismic shit or something, great member.

Deneb: Super guy, really clever also, and also comes out with some classic quotes

Christina: Really nice girl and we should have Robbie at Lb indeed :D

Hoori: Also a very nice person, I will stop there incase Alen is reading :D

Juve Baby: You’re not around as much now, what happened to you and Bozi? :cry:

Sab: You’re awesome cool and I love the montages’ you made of certain people here :tup:

Ken: Dutchie!! I’m like his adopted country man, hope to speak to you soon!

Pat: Also another and is also a Cruyff lover, I hope you got all that shit sorted out man :pint:

Buck F: Great poster and super funny avatars, you should post more :D

Nick: Just :lol:. You really crack me up man but in a good way :lol:

Cur: I am Josh Homme!!! :D

Ja5per (aka Sam): If you are reading I hope your travelling is going well and I enjoy reading the emails you send me about it :)

Jay: Top poster and good to see you consistently back after a few years :tup:

Bianconero: You may act and talk like an old man but you’re as lovable as Peter Sellers :tup:

Chester: Really good Vb and a valuable member to these forums :pint:

Bisco: Also was friends with Reese, dude you are the holy grail of all things women though!!! :D

IZ: Don’t know where you are dude but hope you’re good.

Rami: Super nice guy, sorry with what happened with the v cash :D

Rebel: Great pics man :tup:

Wahdan: Cool guy, and a good poster

JBF: You were awesome in the Mafia game pal :D

Yamen: Why are you so good at betting?!

Albert: I hope you remember: :cool: PEDO GLASSES!!!!!!!! :D

Salvo: Watch out for Albert yo. A good member and I have enjoyed speaking to him over the years :)

Marcello: Where have you gone? Top guy though :pint:

Salvatore: Cool guy and knows his stuff about football. :pint:

Osman: Really funny gifs, but I don’t get why you can be so touchy, it’s weird lol. Was fun to play with you in the Mafia games:D

TWW: Best sig hands down

Tommy: sound guy :tup:

K.O: You follow Forest which is cool man :pint:

Suns: You fought for giovinco which I can respect :)

Kasaki: Used to be a gimp, straight up, but I like you now dude :tup:

Lion: Top pics and stuff as always man!!

Capitano: Always great pics and links, thanks man

Woody: Nice guy :tup:

Gagi: Cool guy and good poster :pint:

Geof: :tup:

MC: Gingervitis!!!!!!!

Alltagsheld: old member, cool guy

Hazem: Sound guy, and always a pleasure

Metal Knight: You really make me laugh, but also are a really nice guy :tup:

Remad: Always used to give great highlights

www444: Had a highlights turfwar with remad which was pretty funny

Nagger: :pint:

Nenna: :tup:

Sadomin: :pint:

J0ker: :tup:

Amaurisimo: :lol:




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Nov 9, 2006
thanks for the're a great guy and i hope you'll hit the 10k mark soon because you're a good poster...make some time for juventuz bro :)


May 27, 2007
Now that's some proper dedication. ;)

Congrats Luca, surely one of the coolest and best members here. Keep it up and here's for another 10k :pint: Post more, though.


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Apr 22, 2007
thanks for the're a great guy and i hope you'll hit the 10k mark soon because you're a good poster...make some time for juventuz bro :)
You're pretty cool, bro. I like you. But you need to post more often. :tup:

And no, I haven't bought that guitar yet. But someday, I will. :D
@Blondu and Sheik: unfortunately, this is why i'm making the dedication now, I wish I had more time but unfortunely thats not the case

Cool mate, always good to see you around.

What happened to ReMad, anyway? He actually spoke to me once :D
No idea, his highlights were top notch though, must have been the war with www444 :D

Nice one, Luca. :malt:

Definitely one of the good guys round here.
Now that's some proper dedication. ;)

Congrats Luca, surely one of the coolest and best members here. Keep it up and here's for another 10k :pint: Post more, though.
Congrats Luca, you really are one of my fav posters here even if you're a ginger ninja.:D Cheers.:malt:
Nice to have you around Luca. Here's to 10K. :tup:
Thanks guys :pint:
Such kind words :touched:


Feb 7, 2011
Since 16, wow! It has been nice getting to meet you lately, Luca, and I hope you do still find some time in your schedule to stick around :)


Rab's Husband - The Regista
Aug 27, 2008
Hey white pants are cool :( :p

That's a proper dedication, and thanks for the mention. One of the better posters around here. You should post more often, getting a life outside the forum is overrated :D

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