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Aug 27, 2003
:eek: read this guys

Nike Inc. has announced that it will buy Converse for $305 million , about 10 days income for Nike. This is quite a shrewd business decision on Nike's part. Mostly because the Chuck Taylor All Star's achieved something they couldn't really do. They just bought an entire brand heritage that appeals to a counter-culture and underground market that they probably couldn't have created if they wanted to, let alone understood. Business looks even better for the old brand because retro shoes are cool, once again. The PF Flyer (New Balance) just relaunched this year, as well as some others. Canvas and rubber retro is apparently on the rise again, despite the fact that there probably isn't a less attractive shoe on the market. Which is what made them appealing to the "rebels" and the "counter culture" to begin with. But, thanks to musical figures they are the thing, my kids have been wearing them for well over a year. Not just the All-Stars but, early 80's-style retro shoes like the Air Force One and the Adidas Top Ten.

Well, now the teeming masses of child-slaves will be working hard to help you achieve your individuality. To help you make your, very important personal statement. Because you are an individual... just like everyone else. Don't feel too badly about the sell-out, someone has got to make them, someone has to distribute them, someone has to retail them. Some American jobs are bound to be created as a result. I hope.

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