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I would suck Marchisio
Jan 28, 2013
He had a great game. Not many spots left for him this year, might go out on loan I'd think after this performance to get some starts. Hopefully to a Serie A club where he'll start.


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Apr 13, 2009
Yeah. I watched on Eurosport1.

Romagna is very intelligent CD. Very good technique, anticipation, read the game and ball playing.

I think He or Meret was MoTM.

If I find the mach I`ll make his compilation vs Germany.
That wouls be great (Y)


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Apr 9, 2015
Since Romagna was one of our best youngsters in Primavera some new information:
We all knew he was on loan to Novara until january, but after a failed loanspell he loaned out to Brescia.

He played last 3 matches full 90' minutes. He is starting now as rcb with Blanchard as partner (The Juventino from Frosinone who scored a winner against us last season :p ). Romagna is now playing ahead of big talents Somma, Calabresi (Roma) and Fontanesi (Sassuolo). I think it is an exciting developement. Hold your eyes on him.

Untersee (23) also on loan from us, played already 2400 minutes for Brescia aswell. He isn't a big talent btw.

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