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Dec 31, 2002
Fifa 19 is out soon so creating a place to chat about the Juve ratings. Our team is probably going to be amazing this year.

So far, the players who have made it to the top 100 are

Matuidi 85
Sandro 86
Benatia 86
Douglas Costa 86
Pjanic 86
Bonucci 86
D.Costa should get 90
Pjanic should get 88
The rest seem fair


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Apr 7, 2018
de Gea has both a huge reputation and stats backing him up. if you look at xG f.e. (, United conceded 15.54 goals less then they should've in 2017/18, that's better than both Oblak and Alisson.

Besides, it's not like Oblak is given a poor rating in FIFA 19, he's on 90, that's hardly criminally underrated

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Yes 90 is a quite high rating for a criminally underrated gk!

De Gea is by far the best gk in the world at the current time, he’s the main man for MU. I watched a couple of their games last season and the guy can come up with some nasty saves, all game long. It’s crazy. MU are lucky to still have him.

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