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Dec 13, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Edgar Davids ] ++
this time he isn't in the squad, but Thuram is :extatic:

Japan - New Zealand
France - Colombia


I'm gonna watch France- Colombia, let's hope it doesn't get to boring.


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Dec 16, 2002
Japan 3, New Zealand 0,
just finished.:).
Its nice to win for a while.:p,
Hide is continuining rather dull form:groan:, and playing with no passion and desire for the National Team. One wonders why can't he produce a great skill like the one he scored, every occasion. Subdued and rarely gets invovled, and frequent burst up with Troussier in the past, I no longer like him.
The other Naka was terrific, always invovled, setting the plays and scoring with even his head.:eek::D.
Tsuboi looked solid, however, Yamada and Alex on the left didn't impress me. Also, the team is lacking defensive organizer, and loosing too many headers. Furthermore, why Inamoto keeps playing, I have no idea,:groan:, the guy is neither ball winner or creative talent. I know Toda has limited technical ability but he is far better at protecting the back. Okubo is average player with some pace and aggresiveness. Personally, I hope he doesn't get too many caps. Also, the team is not good at pressing or organized as when Troussier was the coach. However, lets see what Zico can do in the long run.:). And I can't wait to see Kikuchi in the senior NT.:cool:


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Oct 30, 2001
I thought it was a very good match actually. france were lucky as anything Columbia deserved the win. I'm sure my columbian buddy is pretty pissed off, so was I!

Mexes, Thuram, the french Goalie, Henry were good, the rest awful especially Pedretti :frown: and Wiltord :D


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Oct 30, 2001
what a waste. He'll probably go to Arsenal :frown: and Chivu will go to Inter or Real, and we're stuck with Leggrotalie. HE's good, but come on, are we or are we not Juventus, the grandest club in the world, the best club in Italy currently and a CL finalist. We should not be settling with second best

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