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Jul 12, 2002
I certainly hope Fifa 2003 is better than Fifa 2002 and WC 2002, these game were fun to play for about a week or so and then the got really boring, and the AI's playing style is really annoying.

Usually previews start popping up around the new Fifa at this time of year, has anyone around here seen a preview yet?


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Jul 17, 2002
Hey Guys....I know that Fifa Usually issues its new game in October or November every Year. so it looks like it will be another few months. i've bought every version since 1996. I have to say that Fifa 2002 is the best, u just have to get used to it. the only prob with it is there are too many offsides in a game. and The Computer player always has the same style of play( long balls along the wing). I know that Fifa World cup 2002 is a big step back. it lacked control and it was closer to DragonBall Z then too Football ( the fire shots...).

Anyway, for u who want an alternative to fifa. There is Winning Eleven 6. its a Japanesse Soccer Game and i think the English version is called international super Star soccer 2. its a great realistic game. this game started off as "Perfect Eleven" (japanesse) in the SNES. most people switch to this japansesse game and find it better than Fifa.

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