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Mar 16, 2004
Yes yes, you must change your attitude Fede. You can start with accepting your spot on the bench and lowering your expectations of yourself and the group. Then maybe you could perhaps start a little side gig placing bets in your free time, or maybe take some 'roids, either way you better conform or else.


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Jul 15, 2017
Wasn't in the know when ADP had he's serious knee injury. Guess read wasn't going to be the same, meaning might not be a 10+ player but sure lived up to a 10!

Hear people say Chiesa will never been the same and I see, he's not playing well now. I consider term "not in form' more. IMO Chiesa has shown moments of being very close to his old self after the injury. Not as consistent of course. Well when you see some high level, you know it's still there. Enough players that don't have it/never will reach that level.

I say get a manager that better gets Chiesa to reach that level than the one below. Like one that will use 3 players up front. Just need that 3rd player I guess on the right to have a top notch forward line.

Don't understand how posters think this guy is getting the most out of players? More lucky wins this year that I can remember.


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Feb 2, 2007
Now there's an idea for Allegri...if he watches the games and learns anything from them.

Chiesa - Vlahovic - Yildiz

Against Atalanta put Milik in the middle and let's see if we can have some sort of attacking football with possession for once.

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