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Oct 30, 2001

She's brought a lot of good into womens tennis this term..long may it continue.

Jonny gets too much recognition already


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Nov 1, 2003
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    ++ [ originally posted by Paolo_Montero ] ++

    She's brought a lot of good into womens tennis this term..long may it continue.
    yea...too bad tho that she's yet to win grand slam.....:down:


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    Jul 25, 2001
    ++ [ originally posted by juvetrainer ] ++
    Clijsters wont join the olympics,do you know? together will her boyfriend
    Yeah so? The title says "Favourite athlete of 2003" and last time I checked, the Olympics weren't this year ;)


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    Jul 14, 2002
    ++ [ originally posted by Fliakis ] ++
    who's jan ulrich? that cyclist that was suspended for using doping? what did he do to get more than half of votes?

    Ullrich has never been banned for doping.
    He was banned for using a prohibited substance whilst out of competition.. but his record does and will never show him being banned for doping... there was never eve3n the slightest question he doped.

    3 months after he last rode competitively and an expec ted 6 months before his next competitive race, whilst at a clinic recovering from major knee surgery and depresion he was found in a random test to have taken ecstacy.
    Which he openly admitted taking at a nightclub.

    He did not dope

    For me Jan deserves this award for coming back from a torid time both in his personal and sporting life to take an easy second place in the tour...

    A tour which he should have won but for an extraordinary act of sportsmanship which at his own expense effectively gave armstrong overal victory.

    To most wthin the cycling community it is widely excepted that Jan is one of the most naturally gifted riders to ever grace the peloton , according to many even surpassing the talent of the legendary merckx

    It is also widely excepted but for injury , badluck and some mismanagement jan should now be a 7 time champ rather than jus the once

    An athlete that has only gone to the tour at his best twice (1 2nd due to team orders the other he won easily) yet has never finnished less than second and three of them even way off of form he should have won. One a silly mistake, one an accident and one an act of true sportsmanship

    Jan is not only one of the most gifted athletes in world sport he is also the best sportsman i have ever seen.... One of the few athletes today who the art of fair play isnt lost on

    A true champion


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    Dec 25, 2003
    It is strange to see that La Gazzetta proposes to vote for Henin and Eurosport - for Kim.

    I certainly choose Nedved. He has done his best this year working very hard. He is worth to be appreciated!!!


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    Jul 25, 2001
    Clijsters at a canter

    A month of furious voting has passed as you - the eurosport.com public - chose your favourite athletes of the year. The polls have closed, the votes have been counted and today we can reveal your favourite athlete of 2003 is.......Kim Clijsters!!

    After more than one hundred thousand votes, it was the 20-year-old world number two who came out on top in a two-horse race with Tour de France runner-up Jan Ullrich.

    Clijsters - winner of nine singles titles on this year's WTA tour - was behind the German at one stage, but a late surge of support gave the Belgian a comprehensive victory with 51% of your votes - ahead of Ullrich's 36%.

    The three also-rans were left trailing, with Ballon d'Or winner Pavel Nedved snatching a place on the podium with 7%. Motorcycling world champ Valentino Rossi (4%) and rugby World Cup-winner Jonny Wilkinson (2%) made up the field.


    Clijsters surprisingly beat compatriot Justine Henin-Hardenne to gain some revenge for her defeats at the hands of the world number one in the US and French Open finals. Clijsters also saw off Wimbledon champ Roger Federer and Roland Garros winner Juan Carlos Ferrero as you voted her your top tennis player of the year.


    Ullrich was your surprise choice for favourite cyclist of 2003, holding off five-time Tour winner Lance Armstrong and world champion Igor Astarloa.

    The German's brave but ultimately vain bid for the yellow jersey in a rain-soaked time-trial was one of the defining moments of the Tour, with his chances of victory slipping away as he slid to the ground.


    The closest poll of them all - after almost 10,000 votes, Nedved and Thierry Henry were neck-and-neck before the Czech's Ballon d'Or triumph tipped the scales in his favour by the narrowest of margins - 37% to 36%. Nedved produced masterful performances for Juventus - inspiring them to the Champions League final and a second successive scudetto - and the Czech national side as they qualified for Euro 2004, which surely swung the vote in his favour.


    Rossi did to his competition in this poll what he has done to his Moto GP rivals on the track over the last three years - destroyed them! With a mammoth 80% of your votes, the peerless triple world champion put Michael Schumacher's historic sixth Formula One drivers' title in the shade - the German being your second favourite with 7%.


    Rugby - Jonny Wilkinson's World Cup-winning drop goal against Australia in Sydney saw him voted the overwhelming winner of the rugby poll with 52% of your votes. Ireland's inspirational captain Keith Wood - now retired from international competition - came in second.

    Athletics - Poland's Robert Korzeniowski walked the athlete of the year poll with 53%, but Sweden's heptathlon world champion Carolina Kluft beat off middle-distance legend Hicham El Guerrouj for second, adding to her award as Europe's best athlete.

    Wintersports - Despite making a triumphant comeback from his career-threatening motorcycle accident, Austrian speed-king Hermann Maier could not catch Poland's ski-jumping magician Adam Malysz (33%) and Estonian cross-country star Kristina Smigun (49%).

    Basketball - It was close, but Euro 2003 MVP Sarunas Jasikevicius edged out NBA giant Tim Duncan as your favourite hoop-shooter of the year. The Maccabi Tel Aviv point guard led Lithuania to their first European title since 1939 - his nine assists and ten points helping secure the crown and a place in the Olympics.

    Swimming - Michael Phelps may have been the star of the Barcelona world championships, but your eurosport.com favourite is indisputably Alexander Popov. The Russian - who will go for a unique hat-trick of Olympic golds in the same event (100m freestyle) in Athens - got 51% of your votes, outstripping Phelps' 28% and Ian Thorpe's 21%. Popov and Pieter van den Hoogenbrand both beat the Thorpedo in Barcelona - relish the thought of the battle that awaits at the Games!

    Eurosport - Ian Holyman




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    Jul 17, 2002
    Yep, Kim Clijsters! :thumb:
    I'll add with Andy Roddick in tennis


    Pavel Nedved (Football)
    Petter Solberg (WRC)
    Michael Schumacher (F-1)


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    Nov 1, 2003
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    yeay to clisters.... :D

    tennis - clijsters, federer (even tho roddick is no1, i still choose roger :D)
    motorsports - rossi, schumi ...both had excellent season, tho nobody can beat rossi just yet
    football - nedved
    swimming - phelps, popov :cool:

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