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Feb 18, 2001
Well usually fan clubs organize to see games every week and during the week if there's any (via TV of course) where the fan club is held or in a local pub. But that doesn't sound a good idea since your fans are from all over Malaysia and they couldn't come to Kuala every weekend or could they?
Aug 1, 2003
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    okay here's what I'm doing- tell me if its good or not coz I haven't got many ideas..

    im having a gathering for the members to elect a temporary committee, im hoping I'll get the president position. then, once the committee is elected the members should be looking for sponsorship (hoping someone could give us some cash and get a clubhouse) and once we get sponsor(s) we'll register this club legally.

    once we do that, I think in terms of services of course the fans should gather somewhere (venue is yet to be decided) to watch Juve matches. I think I'll also publish monthly newsletters to the members for Juve updates and of course they'll have to pay :devil:

    I would probably burn cds with the 'tu sei la squadra del cuore' song in it and sell it to the members too :D

    well thats all I have for now. Once I have many members and the club is sort of successful I shall send a letter/email/fax/phone Juventus and DEMAND them to make this an official club.

    does it sound good ?


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    Oct 16, 2002
    I heard about this thing, and sent a message to juvemas, but after only a few emails, quiet all of a sudden. i have no idea if this thing's going to happen or a no-go..

    Just send out an announcement in all the soccer forums about a place to meet and when, and see how the feedback goes. When you've gathered the serious ones (those actually come), then see where it goes after that. I'll be there, as long as it's in KL...

    P/S: I know a few Milanistas..... What if i bring them along for the meeting?? You guys bring the baseball bats...


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    Jun 8, 2003
    Hey Sally...way to go my girl!! I hope someday we can have an official Juve fan club in Hong Kong.

    Another idea about your club: maybe you can order official merchandise for the members know, you collect their orders and arrange one bulk order. That way the members would save on shipping fees and stuff like that.


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    Jul 12, 2002
    i got a couple of suggestions:

    -start a website

    -organize a half yearly visit to italy to watch matches,if you have the resources

    -set up a mail order system through which members can order merchandise,videos,jerseys etc.

    -have weekly meetings to diss other teams;)

    -watch matches on tv together

    -play football

    Aug 1, 2003
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    kay thanks everyone. first of all, merchandising from juve would be extremely expensive, I'm thinking to bid them to give me and the fan club some discounts :D

    I'm not thinking of registration anything of the sort, right now I'm more committed on the idea of getting someone to sponsor the club + registering the club officially..

    oh this sucks, it's never gonna work

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