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Apr 22, 2003
My father Seongho (Joshua) is a software engineer. He wakes up before sunrise to go to work, so he can get his work done and have dinner with our family.

My mother Jenny used to be a clerk at a Liquor and Gambling administration board :LOL: but now she tends to the family's orchid nursery.

My brother Daniel is 20. He likes playing guitar but he sux at football :D He's spiteful and inconsiderate of me, and me alone.

Nala is our beloved golden retriever. She's about 6 months old and bloody smart. She eats anything and is a wuss.


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Jul 16, 2003
++ [ originally posted by IncuboRossonero ] ++
My Family:

My father Silvio is in Politics and owns a "few" business ventures.
My Uncle Adriano works for Silvio in his sports ventures.
My brothers Paolo, Alessandro and Gennaro are into sports.
My new found cousins we call Pippo and Andrea I have just met recently but we have become very close along with another Alessandro (Sandro).
I have some foreign cousins in my family: Andriy, Kaka (we could never get over his name!), dida (strong silent type) and Manuel. Also some Nordic blood with Jon Dahl and Martin.
My annoying neighbors are Zavier, Fabrizio, Alvaro and Oba Oba who we always pelt with snowballs, beat up and generally drive crazy everytime we "meet". Sadly their Grandpa Massimo is a bit 'spendcrazy' and their former father Hector was thrown out of the house but someone new "Alberto" acts as their Dad.
Oh yeah we also have OTHER neighbors a few blocks down. They have the biggest house and we are even fond of some of the kids like Alex, Zamb. and Gianluigi. Others we just can't stand like Pablo, Davide and Pavel. We think they get all the breaks and are favored from the city council and helps us explain why they have the biggest backyard and toys. OH WELL. They still never got over the fact that we won the big snowball fight last May.

OH YEAH....THEN I WOKE UP...:cheesy::yawn:


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Nov 1, 2003
my mom is a teacher...she's very2 strict at school (i know coz i used to be her studdent too :p) but at home she's this funny and fun-loving woman. she doesnt understand why i'm crazy bout football tho, that's the only downside :down: but she buys me footie stuffs...so cant complain bout that :D

i'm closer to my dad (daddy's little angel, altho i'm not so little anymore :p) he's the kewlest :thumbsup: he a pensioner....so he kinda takes care of the house, while my mom goes to work....how cool is that? :D if mymom doesnt want to buy me somethinig, i can always ask my dad to buy 'em :LOL:

p/s: marcelo lippi kinda reminds me of me dad :D :cool: minus that silver hair of course :devil:

i have an older bro, not married....and my sister has a pair of children :p who i love to death. that's about it i guess


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May 14, 2003
:LOL: I imagine...

I am sure that she would be mad like hell if you call her "mom" in class!!

And that thing about dad... Here is the same! When my mom won`t let me do or buy smg, I just ask dad!! :devil: ;)

And it`s so funny when I ask my mum smg, and she says "Ask dad"! I ask dad, and he says "Ask mum"!!! And then, I come to my mum again and lie that dad said "yes"! :LOL: It always passes!!! ;)

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