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May 11, 2004

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Feb 9, 2013
okay, so paratici considers ramsey a mezzala. i hope he's a replacement for khedira, not for pjanic. :shifty:
Paratici is not very smart then, dude. Our own football expert, Orgut, considers Ramsey a regista. :snoop:

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Interesting interview. I just can't help but feel he's going to ignore the midfield again :sigh::sad:

We can definitely improve. Yes, it's hard, but we're not perfect and there's definitely room for improvement.
Yeah. It really does sound like our midfield isn't much of a concern again. Paratici drinking Marotta's strange brew. :sad::sigh:


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Mar 30, 2006
Pretty good list, though I am not sure about replacing Pjanic with SMS.
I think its good that we are thinking about rejuvenating the squad. Dont know if anyone on the list really has what it takes to become a starting player here.

It would be interesting swapping Pjanic with Savic. Having Ramsey and Savic in btb roles in midfield instead of Khedira and Matuidi would be a dream. I guess I would be okay with loosing Pjanic and playing Can or Bentancur as a DM, in that case.

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