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Feb 9, 2013
I forgot to mention the DYbala saga handling. it was his nail on the coffin IMO after what dybala showed.

If he was asked to make plusvalenza, it was not out of order to sell someone like dybala, but not the way he manhandled it. let me explain.
Dybala was having back to back rough season and the last one was terribad in terms of mentality and results.

The board were both tired of him and allegri, so a sell was not out of the books. But, theproblem was that IMO paratici, under agbellis pressure to make money, was blinded by the chance and wanted to sell dybala t all cost to whoever wanted him. The worst is that he wanted to trade him to iNTER or Manu, and buy Lukaku.

To make things worse, the way he treated dybala was shameful. Dybala was on vacations when Paratici was already selling him. A player like Dybala could have been called for a meeting to discuss this instead of backdoring him the way Paratici did in his desperation.

This Saga was particularly bad for Tici, because days before Sarri was official here, he said he wanted to work with Dybala. One week later , Paratici was trying to sell him (wat). One season later, and Dybala was our MVP in serie A. Lol

Paratici was simply out of it. Sorry man but you busted
It was one bad season, bro. Dybala scored the most goals in his career in 17-18. 26 goals and 7 assists while playing more of a CAM role behind Higgy. He was inconsistent and had a poor stretch around December-January coinciding with a hamstring injury, but it clearly wasn’t a bad season in the slightest.


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Jan 24, 2007
he couldnt even find a buyer for romero outtright lmao.

marotta sold freaking matri for 18m and paratici couldnt even get 15m for romero, a defender who played as a starter for serie a team.


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May 6, 2012
he couldnt even find a buyer for romero outtright lmao.

marotta sold freaking matri for 18m and paratici couldnt even get 15m for romero, a defender who played as a starter for serie a team.
Emre Can's sale to Dortmund was portrayed as a loan with option to buy but they bought him in the first month of his loan. Same for Sturaro so let's wait and see. (Also, please don't forget Serie C Muratore).


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Jul 5, 2014
Guys let's not blame Paratici he always been a "Capo Scout" under Marotta.
It was Marotta dealing for players tradings
So it's not his fault if the head decided to put him there doing a job he never did.
I'm not happy but not angry at Paratici. IF Andrea Agnelli promote you and increase your wages you don't say NO.
Like Pirlo! Can we blame Pirlo if things don't go well during the season?
Problem is whose the one competent enough to replace Marotta?


Jun 7, 2004
True, it's Andrea's fault. He should quit asap!
He is hiring incompetent managers and keeps repeating the same mistakes.
He is wasting our resources and opportunities.
Most of terrible decisions are his and the Paraticis are just paper screens to absorve the blame.
He can't run the club, better step aside, accept a honorary place and let ppl who can, to run it!
We knew that Tooci is incompetent since last summer. Why waste another year? And this is Cr7 last who is going to take the blame for ruining this transfer window, while already knew he can't handle it?


Mar 6, 2003
wow such extremes Cronios :D grats!
He is not too far from the truth TBH.

Agnelli is commiting mistakes too.

For example, the Khedira renewal. Why Agnelli approbed that? I know he needs to trust his employees since they are the ones who manage those deals, but the weay who puts pen to paper to give the money its him. He should have not approved that deal, but he trusted the ones behind that deal (marotta and the coach) and now we are stuck with Khedira.

With Paraticci, Agnelli is th eone who is following him day in day out. Since long time ago he should have realized it was a mistake to put him there. In fact, if Tici didnt had the credentials, agnelli should have looked for a real SD the moment marotta left.

In the Dybala Saga, agnelli should have intervened because that deal was simply not ok.

Agnelli is being way too passive nowadays. maybe he is losing it?

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