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Jul 31, 2002
Twelve referees have been appointed by UEFA to take charge at the final tournament. The list, revealed today, includes some of the most experienced referees in the world, and they will be accompanied by 24 assistant referees, as well as four other referees who have been appointed to act as fourth officials only.

Understanding and experience
"The teams of referees are appointed as 'trios' and it is the intention of the UEFA Referees Committee that they will be used as such at the final tournament," UEFA said in a statement. "The teams are composed of referees and assistant referees from the same country, and as a unit they have been active in UEFA competitions already, mainly in the UEFA Champions League, and therefore have a good understanding and experience of working together."

Big names
Among the names in the list are Pierluigi Collina, the Italian referee who took charge of the 2002 FIFA World Cup final between Brazil and Germany, and Germany's Markus Merk, who refereed last season's Champions League final between Juventus FC and AC Milan.

Refereeing élite
They are joined by other members of the European refereeing élite, such as Sweden's Anders Frisk and Switzerland's Urs Meier, veterans of matches at the highest UEFA and FIFA levels, and Lubos Michel (Slovakia), who officiated at the 2003 UEFA Cup final between FC Porto and Celtic FC.

Fourth officials
Four referees - Frank De Bleeckere (Belgium), Kyros Vassaras (Greece), Alain Hamer (Luxembourg) and Stuart Dougal (Scotland) - will also travel to Portugal, and will specifically be used as fourth officials.

Portugal seminar
All 40 of the selected match officials for EURO 2004™ will attend a preparatory seminar in Portugal on 26-29 April, which will be held at the same venue that the officials will use as their base during the tournament itself.

Referee Assistant referees Country
1 Kim Milton Nielsen Lens Larsen, Joergen Jepsen Denmark
2 Michael Riley Philip Sharp, Glenn Turner England
3 Gilles Veissière Frédéric Arnault, Serge Vallin France
4 Markus Merk Christian Schraer, Jan-Henrik Salver Germany
5 Pierluigi Collina Marco Ivaldi, Narciso Pisacreta Italy
6 Terie Hauge Steinar Holvik, Ole Hermann Borgan Norway
7 Lucílio Cardoso Cortez Batista Paulo Jorge Januário Leite Ribeiro, José Manuel Silva Cardinal Portugal
8 Valentin Ivanov Gennady Krasyuk, Vladimir Eniutin Russia
9 Lubos Michel Igor Sramka, Martin Balko Slovakia
10 Manuel Enrique Mejuto González Oscar Martínez, Rafael Guerrero Spain
11 Anders Frisk Kenneth Petersson, Peter Ekstrom Sweden
12 Urs Meier Francesco Buragina, Rudolf Kappeli Switzerland

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Apr 24, 2003
Byron Moreno should be there, since he is the BEEEST referee by far in the whole world, I dont care if he isnt european :D


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Jul 31, 2002
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    By the looks of things only the countries who have representative at the tournament will have a ref there...I think this is the normal procedure


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    Dec 13, 2002
    ++ [ originally posted by Roverbhoy ] ++

    1 Kim Milton Nielsen Lens Larsen, Joergen Jepsen Denmark
    6 Terie Hauge Steinar Holvik, Ole Hermann Borgan Norway
    11 Anders Frisk Kenneth Petersson, Peter Ekstrom Sweden
    aww crap :groan: Scandinavian ref's suck boatloads of arse!

    I'm totally amazed by the matches that has been given to Milton over the years. I never see anything but crap from him in the danish league. He also sucked big time in the recent Gala-Juve match IMO. Not to mention his sidekick Jens Larsen... what a moron!!!

    Same goes for Anders Frisk. His first name is course beautiful ;) :D, but his skills (if you wanna call it that) are not. I really dislike this dude.

    I haven't seen much of the norweigan fella, but the name rings a bell... I bet he's a moron as well. He's scandinavian after all...


    ++ [ originally posted by gray ] ++
    Where the heck is Moreno!? Now Korea will never win Euro 2004 :fero:


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    Oct 2, 2003
    ++ [ originally posted by fabiana ] ++

    Now Moreno isnt there Italy can WIN! woohoo :D;)
    I still cant understand why you Azurri supporters blame everyone but yourself,like moreno said himself,besides even if moreno isnt there to stop you(like you sy)then France is there to complete that mission.:D


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    Jan 31, 2003
    oh please!!! Tomassi scored a goal which wasnt offside!!! i admit that vieri and gattuso could have burried a few, but in the end, it was the ref's mistake.

    anyway, it was fifa who wanted Korea to go far...Spain was robbed as well!!
    Aug 1, 2003
    i dont like urs meier and kim milton nielsen :down: im surprised graham poll is not on the list? not that I like him, but still ...

    Yeah, I like paparesta too, they call him the next collina


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    Apr 22, 2003
    ++ [ originally posted by Adrian ] ++
    oh please!!! Tomassi scored a goal which wasnt offside!!!
    Hmm I'm not so sure about this one, I haven't watched the replay in a while, but didn't the defence + keeper stop playing already, because the ref blew his whistle? I don't think they tried to stop Tomassi after he was through...

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