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Jul 12, 2002
I don't know if any of you have heard of Luis Omar Tapia, well for those of you who don't, he is the spanish soccer commentor of ESPN.
He is know for the nicknames that he gives to the players, and I find a list of the complete nicknames...
The only problem is that they are in spanish, so if you are interest in one in particular you let me know and I will try to traslated:

Here's are the Juventus ones:

Davids= Pitbull
Del Piero= The king of the alps
Ferrara= The Interminable One
Conte = The Inmortal
Buffon = El pajaro loco (he is a cartoon caracther, a "crazy bird" dont remember he name in english, it was something about Woody)
Trezeguet= Trezegol
Salas= The poet of goal
Nedved = Patrick Swayze :LOL:
Lippi = Paul Newman :LOL:

Some of them are alredy known like Davids and Trez, but the other ones are made by him...


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Aug 28, 2002

It's funny that just few of them are the same as the nicknames they use here in Italy. Here some players have also 2 nicknames, one given by fans and the other from haters.


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Aug 28, 2002
++ [ originally posted by DP's_Apprentice ] ++
Would you be so kind to give some examples mate?
You will not understand many of them... but I will try.

Those are the nicknames who are the same as ESPN:

E. Davids Pitbull
A. Costacurta Billy
Cafu Pendolino
M. Lippi Paul Newman (also if is not so used)
D. Trezeguet Trezegol (not Juventini use to call him 3seghe)

Those are others, when possible I try to translate them in Englisch...

R. Baggio: The divine ponytail, the little prince, raffaello
A. Recoba: El Chino (the chinise)
H. Crespo: Valdanito
M. Salas: El matador
A. Conte: PARRUCCHINO (fake hair)
Rivaldo: extraterrestre
G. Gatuso: ringhio
F.Inzaghi: superpippo - SUPERPIPPA (Pippa means a player who sucks)
A. Galliani: ZIO FESTER
G. Batistuta: the lion king, batigol - BATINAVOLTA (bati-long time ago)
C.Vieri: Bobogol
J.Zanetti: el trator

Those are just the names I remembered from Esperctro link, but ther's many more...
The nicknames written with the big letters are the "not nice ones".

And how about the nicknames in the other countries?


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Aug 28, 2002
P.S.: I just remind about Tacchinardi. He's 4 everybody "tacchino" who in Italian means turkey.
When I will remind some I will post them here...


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Aug 28, 2002
An other one!
Meterazzi is Macellazzi, and it comes from "macellaio" who in Italian mean those shop wheare they sell meat. Is'n a nice nick obviously...


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Aug 28, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Silvia ] ++

El cholo, is that in Italian?
No it's in spanich... he always had this nickname... I think it means somenthing like "the stupid one" but in funny way.


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Aug 28, 2002
That's why! Actually Simeone has a real "gangster face"! :D

Ortega is also: "el burrito", "the little dunky". All the nicknames who begin with "el" is spanich, they had it in their countries, but now they call it like this also here.


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Aug 28, 2002
O yes! I forgot Nedved, the one they use more in Italy 4 him is "the czeck fury" (la furia ceca) . An othe nickname 4 Baggio is also "mitico" (the mitic).
Maldini is called sometimes Paolino cause his dad call him like this but this is just cause Paolo is his his name. Scheva... I don't think he has nicknames, everybody call him Scheva.
Other nicks are
V.Montella: Areoplanino (the little plane)
Edmundo: O' Animal
G.Martinez: El Tuma
A.Di Livio: Soldatino (the little soldier)
D.Hubner: Bisonte
Sacchi: Il pelato and De la Pena: el pelat (both meaning "the without hair" one in Italian the other in spanich)

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