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Jul 13, 2002
Now it's time again for the Eurovision Song Contest.

There is a new thing this year and that is that it's the semi-final the 12th of May and the final the 15th of May.

14 countries have been qualified for the final and that's cos they ended up in places 1-14 last year. Those countries in the semi-final are those countries who wants to be part of it.

In total there are 36 countries.


NETHERLANDS Without you Re-union
UKRAINE Wild dances Ruslana Lyzhicko
CROATIA You are the only one Ivan Mikulic
GREECE Shake it Sakis Rouvas
ISRAEL To believe David D'Or
CYPRUS Stronger every minute Lisa Andreas
ESTONIA Tii Neiokõsõ
PORTUGAL Foi Magia Sofia Victória
SLOVENIA Stay forever Platin
LATVIA Dziesma par laimi Fomins & Kleins
MALTA On again Julie & Ludwig
DENMARK Shame on you Tomas Thordarson
FINLAND Takes 2 to tango Jari Sillanpää
MACEDONIA Life Tose Proeski
LITHUANIA What happened to your love Linas & Simona
MONACO Notre planète Maryon
SWITZERLAND Celebrate! Piero Esteriore & the Music Stars
ANDORRA Jugarem a estimar-nos Marta Roure
ALBANIA The image of you Anjeza Shahini
SERBIA & MONTENEGRO Lane moje Željko Joksimovic & Ad hoc orchestra
BELARUS My Galileo Alexandra & Konstantin


TURKEY For real Athena
BELGIUM 1 life Xandee
RUSSIA Believe me Julia Savicheva
NORWAY High Knut Anders Sørum Lars Andersson, Thomas Thörnholm / Dan Attlerud
SWEDEN It hurts Lena Philipsson Thomas "Orup" Eriksson
AUSTRIA Du bist Tie Break
POLAND Love song Blue Café
ICELAND Heaven Jónsi (Jón Jósep Snjæbjörnsson)
SPAIN Para llenarme de ti Ramón
ROMANIA I admit Sanda Ladosi
IRELAND If my world stopped turning Chris Doran Bryan McFadden
GERMANY Can't wait until tonight Max (Maximilian Mutzke)
FRANCE A chaque pas Jonatan Cerrada
UNITED KINGDOM Hold on to our love James Fox

My favorite are Norway. Sweden also has a good song but I want Norway to win cos I like it a lot.

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Jul 25, 2001
I hope Holland won't make it through the semis. The song sucks and so does the contest.

"Sank you, hosts. Here are zee votes of zee Austrian shury

Russia ... one point


and our twelve points go to ........ *drumroll*


*Everyone gasps, huge applause follows*



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Jul 13, 2002
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    ++ [ originally posted by Don Bes ] ++
    why are most songs in english and not in their own language
    Cos Great Britain and Ireland won all the time.
    They changed the rules in 1999 so every country could sing in english if they wanted to.


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    Jul 25, 2001
    ++ [ originally posted by Arif ] ++
    huh, albania is in the final of eurovision.

    so what do you guys think of anjeza shahini?
    Is that the name of the Albanian singer? Cause I forgot her name the minute I saw her. If it is, then: :drool::lick:


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    Jul 25, 2001
    Good god. The Eurovision Song Contest is, like, the ONLY thing the Europeans can agree on :D

    Every European nation can send in a singer/band/etc. to participate, the winning nation has to organise the event the next year.

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