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Aug 27, 2010
meh I like Can and want to see more of him but I would be far from torn over seeing him sold.

He has never been great for us at best he has potential.
I have a soft spot on him, because I like how he drives forward with the ball, but it wouldnt be end of the world for me if we sell him.
I know its just a friendly, but still it means something that he doesnt start, he doesnt have any fitness issues that we know of so he is probably considered worse player than Khedira for Sarri.


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Jul 15, 2017
Selling Can, while Matuidi & permanently injured Khedira staying? Surely it has to be bs rumor. Chill
If not management surely has fuked up. I mean wasn't Can brought here as Sami's replacement more or less, Juve talked for 6 months how great he was before acquiring him. Not saying more than a quality backup but why would anybody in their right mind keep Sami and less so Blaise over him? E Can you know a couple year down the road will at least have more value in selling.


Apr 12, 2009
Would be sad to see him sold, I think he's as a rotational player. But wont hold it against him if he wants leave considering with Khedira and Matuidi and two new midfielders his playing time would be limited


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Mar 12, 2004
Kind of feel sorry for the guy.

Was a starter at Liverpool and they practically begged him to stay but he chose to leave and end up being either injured or on the bench.

Then Liverpool go and win the CL.


Apr 16, 2017
He is a good lad but i think he is very heavy and slow with the ball. To make things worse he keeps his head down way too long. He is very good defensively and as a back up cb. If good offer comes board wont think twice. Plusvalenza.

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