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Jul 13, 2010
Well I mean sure that's a thing, but in most cases you would not even know that's it's there, let alone it will hinder your professional career. Unless it's big enough to cause some shit like weight loss, heart problems etc. Cancerous thyroids are found in 1-2 % cases. He will be able to play within couple of weeks after surgery


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Apr 25, 2013
Both Khedira and Can out, Pjanic exhausted. Great decision to let Marchisio go. :baus:
Can't tell if Pjanic is tired, but Matuidi looked tired too. Have to keep him fresh given he relies on physicality more than others. Allegri has done his best, even subbed him at half time once. But we're too thin in mid right now, Sturaro comparisons to ensue.

The Khedira injury celebrations.. :disagree:

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