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Jan 12, 2004
Edgar Davids Gone

Is it a good decision letting him go. Will it make fans sad or happy. Personally i think he's a great player but i would like to view the answers of every one else. I'd also like to know who you think would be a good replacment?

Please write back with answers to [email protected]

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Layce Erayce

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Aug 11, 2002
any particular reason? besides the fact that despite being in european competition every year, year in year our they barely come out with much, especially in the past couple years?


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Apr 22, 2003
Figo's 32 this year... 21 mil is a lot to pay. Where did u read the Figo rumour? I'd hate it if Figo came to Juve. Along with superstars come fickle fans :groan:

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