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Oracle of Copenhagen
Jul 10, 2009
Hey 'Tuzzers.

After soem thinking I've decided we need a vote to establish this question. I've been through many countries. I decided not to add Australia since soem of the members from Straya land are inactive nor did I add Belgium since it isn't a country.

I know a lot of you are thinking: "What about Italy (italien tuzzers) but no! We must respect that Italiens aren't Italians"

Canada have been omitted since canadians suffer the pain of being the closest neighbour to The Donald.

Finland was about to enter, but abuse of drugs and booze doesn't constitute stupidity.

1. Malta
2. 'Murica
3. The UK
4. I'm from one of the mentioned countries above and don't understand your question

The question is simple. Let's hear what you think.

But please wait for @Mark to make the poll

This is banter and I hope those who were born without humour will stay discussing Israel vs. Palestine :baus:


The Informer
Dec 19, 2003
Thread closed.

some people won't like it even if it's a joke and will insult you by making fun of your small penis.
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