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Dec 16, 2002
Presume that the new league is starting, and any player in the world is available to be selected. By a co-incidence Juve won the lottery, and has the right to pick first. As a president of new expansion club Juve, which player would you pick to build around?

My choice: Gigi Buffon.
Justification: Pretty young, and yet experienced. Also goalkeeper has a long career span. Furthermore, just having a good goalkeeper would itself dramatically improve the defence.

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Oct 30, 2001
I thought it said "daft prick" :howler:

For my part I agree with you. There aren't many if any players at his level yet still young


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Jul 13, 2002
Yeah I would pick Buffon too for the same reasons. He is our future for years to come.He is the best out there now.

Btw i would have picked Del Piero if he was a bit younger :p;)


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Jun 9, 2003
Two words for you that spell out one of the most fantastic players ever (I've just been watching him so I'm still high on his goals... and yes, I do know he's not playing anymore).

Eric. Cantona.


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Jul 14, 2002
My choice: Alessandro Nesta
Justification: Along with Thuram he's the best defender in the world, he's a great person, a great leader and only 26.


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Jul 14, 2002
Goalkeeper: Buffon definitly

Even the most awesome outfield players will be let down if u have a poor goalie....

Bit like a Ruckman in AFL....prol the most important player in the side!
Jul 12, 2002
Pah! Picking a goalkeeper first is very touching, but it's not practical. There are many better first picks, like Michael Ballack, Ruud Van Nistelrooij, or Phillipe Mexes to name a few...

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