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Jul 27, 2015
Given the unpredictability factor he brings to our game i still believe he can play a important role if we use him solely as an impact sub on CL nights and perhaps few other scudetto deciders, and by that i mean him to practically warm the bench even when he seems fully fit and is the only option available if necessary, otherwise it’s just not worth the risk starting him against the Hellas or Brescia’s when obviously he can’t string a few games together without picking up some ‘less serious’ injuries along the way.

We will need all the firepower we can if we are to genuinly challenge on all fronts.

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Oh, and ofc, as things currently stand and if his fitness won’t begin to suddenly improve then it’s clear as day we should look to replace and cash in on him while there’s still a chance to do so for a decent fee.
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Dec 29, 2012
Unfortunately, he is always out injured. We can't rely on this guy to provide some offensive threat in the big games, as he doesn't last longer than half a game.

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