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Mar 22, 2010
Easy folks, dont take things out of context, I was talking about Costa compared to this Chiesa guy who has played about 80 professional football games in his whole career for Fiorentina. Dont tell me that Costa has not been great all the places he has played. He has had ups and downs yes, but he has showed that his toplevel is definitely up there with the best. Something we have no clue about, regarding Chiesa.

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Not true. At Bayern he had 6-7 months were he was good, and at Juve he was a beast the last few months of last season.
I like Costa, and want him to do well here. Let's hope he regain his form.
Being great 6-7 months at Bayern who plays CL against the best teams, in a squad full of class players. Thats 10 times more than Chiesa has been part of so far. So I dont see the point.


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Aug 30, 2002
I don't really see the issue of going to Neymar's birthday party. He can do whatever he wants in his free time right? Was he drunk when he crashed or did he turn up late to training or something? The issue is just that he had a car crash but still went to Neymar's party?

A proper lolzillian would be drunk at 9 a.m., crash the car, get out and push a pregnant lady down, steal their car, drive to Neymar's bday, pull multiple leg muscles dancing to ai se eu te pego,, then arrive at training 5 hours late with sunglasses on.

These fools never heard of Romario, to call someone lolzillian because he goes to a friends birthday on his free time? Whats the issue? Was he on restricted time out by the club or what? Like he is a little kid. He didnt miss a game or training, then what gives, how can you govern his social life if it doesnt violate any conduct or clause in contract.

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