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Feb 21, 2015
Your loyalty to Robben and Ribery will be the cause of your clubs downfall.
They were very fortunate to get those two in the first place. Ribery was one of the rather rare cases where Bayern was able to find a (relatively) unknown player that turned out to be huge. Robben got sacked by Real (like they do so often) and wouldn't have ended up at Bayern without Van Gaal. Managed to stay fit (for his standards) and turned his career around. A Transfer like we used to make them. Imo Bayern are simply unable to replace them with players of the same quality, especially in todays market. The nosedive in quality was to be expected.
However, Gnabry has been looking really good so far though, better than i thought he would. Bad luck for Bayern he got injured. Maybe he can soften he blow, we'll see.


May 23, 2011
His problem atm is that he is trying to hard to impress and get back into starting 11. He should keep it more simple and work on decision making. I saw few good moments today. Sadly Bentacur's red forced us to change our gameplan and Costa was obvious choice to make way for another midfielder.


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Mar 22, 2010
He was our most productive player while he was playing. He tries a lot and thereby fails a lot and wins a lot. Without him, we would just pass it back to Chiellini or Bonucci and send it for a throw in.
I think it is exceptionally hard to thrive in our attacking gameplan, if you are a creative player.


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Apr 5, 2018
He is trying too hard for his one brilliant goal per year. The one where he cuts in from the right and curls the left footed shot in the left hand corner. The ball stars out 2.5 meters wide and curls in like against Benevento.
Problem is, he is much more effective as a 25-30 minutes supersub, beating fullbacks on the left hand side and sliding low crosses across goal for easy tap ins.
DC was our best player for the final 2 months last year, even in the supersub role. Maybe the top 3 most effective players per minute in Europe from March-June, but this year has been a far cry from that.
The positive is that he hasn’t lost a step, he can possibly refind that wonderful form again soon.


Mar 6, 2007
Everything he tries is difficult, every pass and run. One of my favourite players last year and started the season on fire but now he's just trying too hard and isn't smart enough to change his game.

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Feb 9, 2013
Everything he tries is difficult, every pass and run. One of my favourite players last year and started the season on fire but now he's just trying too hard and isn't smart enough to change his game.

Exact same thing that happened in his second season at Bayern. Hard to say if the club will have the patience needed with him if this lasts through the season, or if Costa has the tenacity to persevere through this rough spell and find his form (or the smarts to simplify things for now).

The spitting incident really screwed his season. Such a bizarre incident.


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May 11, 2005
I think being out of the team and getting late cameos is the issue.

Whenever he does play he tries to pull something spectacular off to impress. He also just hasn't found his rhythm, prime example was in the first half he was on the right and tried to cut in for a shot, he just couldn't get himself set properly. Last year he would have hit it far earlier.

He still is a huge player for us, particularly in Europe. Hopefully we rotate the front 3 a bit more and Costa can get a run of games.


Mar 6, 2003
We should start to consider selling Douglas?

He is not getting any minutes with CR7 on that flank, but he could be used to rotate with dybala on the other side?

He is too expensive and useful to be a CR7 bench, but at the same time his form is unrecognizable and he was kinda expensive.

Cuadrado is out for the season practically, so i think theres still a chance for Costa.

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