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Jul 12, 2002
I made the mistake of watching a video tape I have of Juve campione 97

As some of the goals and action was being shown, I noticed that at one time we had in our team

A fantastic Montero and Ferrara at the back

In the midfield, world class talent in Davids, Deschamps and Zidane and in attack Dp and Inzaghi

Players like Di Livio, Conte, Tacchinardi, a good Pessotto were always around to put in competent performances

The previous season we had in our midfield, Deschamps, Jugovic, Zidane, Conte, Tacchinardi, Di Livio

In attack Boksic, Vieri, Padovano, Dp, Amoruso

You could not dominate this teams and you certainly could not just waltz thru our midfiled like you owend the place without Davids or Deshamps snapping at your heels

Now what have we got we are are singing the praises of Maresca who would not have gotten a look in then, Appiah , Tacchinardi and Camoranesi

Miccolli and DV

The thought of what we were and what we are just depressed me:down:

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Apr 3, 2003
when i watch old juve videos i am always making a horrible mistake cause i get depressed for this year.

so,i stopped watching old juve videos loong time ago!!!


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May 20, 2003
ok watch the our team in early 90's and late 80's
it was worse than this one..
so u will feel happy about what we have now
and will understand that we cant stay on top forever..
but with every slip, we became stronger
and learn
and just be sure that our team will come back even stronger that 1997
one day we will all hail the name of micco, maresca
and maybe appiah, which many dont believe in him

just give them time, and give juve time
to fix everything
Aug 26, 2003
hey, so is this in football and everywhere the time changes, there will be fantastic times with a great team and bad times...

I think that there is no more team outside Europe who can be said as that team who is the strongest! Look Real has a lot of stars but this is no guarantee of winning something, look at our team it is not that bad, but we are out of form,.... so is football..

ok 97 we had a unbelievable team, but yes we also had 98 and we lost!

i am happy to have players like Micco and Maresca!

and hopefully players like Chiumento, Palladino will be our next great generation!


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Feb 18, 2001
It's a deadly thing watching this season's Juve and then great performances from past seasons. You only have to choose one option ... I took past seasons and stopped watching our games somewhere in January. Just too painfull.


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Oct 30, 2001
You're right Denis, I often think of the good old days, so to speak, of the mid nineties and can't help but feel saddened. What I would do for some class in the midfield, a Jugovic, a Paolo Sousa, Torricelli, Di Livio, such class players no longer form part of our squad..sad :frown:


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Mar 6, 2003
Well.. moggi and vcia have tod o something about this. I think is more than obvious that this team is pathetic :down:

just take out some individualities nd start a new era.
Aug 27, 2003
yes sadly if we do look back to the days where the defnece was very strong. no fan had to worry when a attacker comes any close.
mifielders who bring our offence the best assits ..

with forward who always give us amazing goals..

but we still have the best goal keeper , buffon..the best midfilder nedved, maresca,appiah,camorisii..players many coahces would want to take a hold of..
weve got attacker that are eye ctahing like del piero, trezegol, micoli and di viao!!
not to mention one of my fvaorite players zambrotta!!

but i belive this glory will be ragined by juventus! we shall wait to see ..milan and roma cant reach the amount of scudettos we have!!
were still the champions of italy despite the fact that we havent given our best!
so all i have to say is


Sep 23, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Dr-Juve ] ++
Past is always better than present
Well, this season is going to soon be the past (and not a moment too soon for many of us). I sure as hell hope future seasons don't look back at this one as "better" -- that's just too scary to think about. :eek:
Aug 1, 2003
Oh my god how ironic, just 2 days ago I watched a vcd of "the history of champions league" and there was Juve from their old times to Platini to 1996 ... and there was Del Piero, Di Livio, everyone...

And now I come across this thread AFTER watching it. Damn!
Jan 7, 2004
++ [ originally posted by swag ] ++

Well, this season is going to soon be the past (and not a moment too soon for many of us). I sure as hell hope future seasons don't look back at this one as "better" -- that's just too scary to think about. :eek:
ouch. that thought hurts


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Mar 28, 2004

What happens if it comes three or four seasons of finishing between 6 th and 10 th place of the serie A ? nothing to do with uefa or CL?

Will you still be a juve fan?

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