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Jul 10, 2009
It was early morning. Post Ironic was up early. He had spent all night getting the dickshaped canoe ready. Fr3sh - the local owner of a Ganja-Sexclub, called 'We blaze in both ends' - had ordered a canoe for a daytrip to his old friend B81, the chief on 'Ladyboy Island'; B was short for Brian while 81 was the largest amounts of dicks he had eaten in one sitting during a dick eating contest. Fr3sh was excited to visit B81 He hadn't had a decent ladyboy bumhole in ages and B81 had told him there was a fresh supplies of sweet Thais on the Island....


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Feb 28, 2014
Hindsight :touched: - isn't it wonderful?

Back then things were different.

Pointless to argue what could have been.
Hey, even I thought that this kid is talented. I just saw that he is quite unprofessional, unambitious and doesn't want to join our team even if his life depended on it. I don't like him but I would never have guessed that his career will be that bad. I feel sorry for him. Without a doubt a talent, but a wasted one.

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