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Day Walker
Jul 28, 2003
In the Tim cup with Inter and Milan. The matches between juvee and milan and juvee and inter were more aggresive.I mean that their players were trying to get many of our players injured.They weren't playing football they were gunning for the feet not the ball.
They just want to injure many players so they can get a good start and so juve don't.

didn't you notice that in the Tim cup matches?

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Senior Member
Jul 14, 2002
Maybe we werent watching the same games.

I mean, Milan were left with 2 injured players, inter with one injured player from this game.(int - mil)

There was a scuffle between Vieri and Kakha Kaladze, followed shortly by another set too following materazzis challenge on pippo... along with several other nasty tackles.

Whereas the games against juve were no more than competitive.


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Jan 12, 2002
Cordoba was injured by Boriello in the early minutes (he got a kick in his shin and was stretched out), Coco was also out injured (expected to be back in months if knee injury confirmed), while Materazzi made a brutal tackle against Pippo in the final minutes of the match ..

Aggressive? Hell yes !!

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