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Oct 1, 2004
ok so he signed up for a 2 yr deal, and many members here are delighted about him being a coach. He was supposed to be the 2 years ago, but Capello spoiled it. Now that he is back to shape up the team.

What you think

Please discuss

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Dec 19, 2003
Deschamps: “Enthusiasm will be our point of departure”

“I’m both extremely proud and happy that a club like Juventus should have chosen me and I’m grateful for the faith invested in me”. This was how Didier Deschamps began the press conference that marked the beginning of the new season. It was the first time the coach had met the press since his return to the bianconeri was made official and he was given a whole host of questions to answer.

Inevitably he was asked to comment on the sentence passed by the CAF: “I felt sad and disheartened when I heard the outcome; it hurts, it hurts a lot, but we must react. It is in the most difficult moments that one’s true character shows itself. Of course, if we have to start the season with a 30 point deficit, it will be very difficult to gain promotion to Serie A straight away, but there is still the second phase of sentencing to come. At the moment we’re still not sure what our point of departure will be and it is obvious that our game plan will depend on the outcome, but in any case we will do what we can to get the best possible start”.

Deschamps begins this new adventure with the same determination he showed on the pitch as a player: “Sure, the values I had as a player are still with me and I will ask my players to share in them also. I expect enthusiasm, selflessness and ambition from everyone. We must bring honour to this jersey and bring Juve back to where they belong, in Italy and on an international level”. Deschamps confirmed he has spoken to the players over the last few days, including those involved with the World Cup: “It was important that I heard what they have to say. I congratulated the champions and told all of them that I’m counting on them and that they are very important to us. Who will stay? It depends on our point of departure: some of them are willing to go through a year of “purgatory” in Serie B, but if things remain as they are and we have to start thinking about two years to achieve promotion, it might be more complicated than that. One of those who has already expressed their desire to stay at Juventus is Alex Del Piero: “He is a symbol of this club” – continued Deschamps – “He’s made a life choice and has set has set an example that might encourage some of his other team mates to take part in this adventure. I’ve also spoken to Pavel (Nedved) and he also wants to take part in our project. I would like it if everyone stayed, but the situation and the needs of the club must also be evaluated. I don’t like to single people out, but if I had to choose one name I would choose Cannavaro: for everything he represents and everything he’s achieved on the pitch, his importance as a player is immeasurable”.

Deschamps’ Juve will also rely heavily on its young player: “I don’t look at dates of birth when I decide who’s going to play. If a player is 19 and is good enough, he will play. Of course Juve needs to be winning all the time, but age for me is not a criterion for who goes on the teamsheet”.


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Jun 12, 2005
Clean your teeth Didier. They look mighty stained. Brighten them up seeing as YOU'RE gonna get us promoted this season ............Aren't you! :shifty:
Yeeeeees! :agree:


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Aug 20, 2005
May the new era grant us light and to diminish the darkness that we have gone through.

Good luck Deschamps.


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Jun 12, 2005
This could be a blessing in disguise being demoted. We finally got rid of capello's negativity. Didi will build a young and exciting Juventus to bring back to SerieA. Our wage bill slashed, then get lots of money when we get back into the top flight. Invest in our youth system. Get the scouts looking in and around europe for these future stars cos the other big name teams havent got time to experiment or give faith to these youngsters unlike us. Now is the time!

I have faith in the new Juventus.


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Nov 23, 2005
if we werent relegated i'd say we need a more experienced coach (although he got with Monaco to CL final)

since we did get relegated, im glad we got such a Juve icon to coach us.


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Jan 3, 2006
Mauro16 said:
If he gets Canna to stay this man can have sex with me.
Not pretty sure that I would give him sex, but at least I could give him my new Ferrari and my new apartment in Positano.

Canna should stay!!!


Mar 29, 2006
Gep D'Messiah said:
This could be a blessing in disguise being demoted. We finally got rid of capello's negativity.
But wait Capello had already gone before we demoted, the scary of idea of us being demoted was good enough for him to hibernate. I admire a loyal coach :rolleyes:

Nevertheless what DD has said so far is music to my ears, we face mission impossible with a hot prospect (of players), to a certain extent it brings some form of excitement seeing players on a Juve team that you proberly never heard of.


Aug 13, 2004
He is the coach that takes Juve in the heaviest moment than ever.
While Capello had everything at disposal,this man has only Del Piero and Nedved!

I have faith in Didier and he is our last hope.He is a Juventino and I expect him to lead us toward serie A.


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May 25, 2004
Best choice in my modest opinion for many reasons :
First of all , he's still young, positive and has enough skills to do a great job , being young will help to open the channels of communication in the middle of the team.
The fact he was with lippi and the captain for many years will help also to reivent the tremendous juventus we had.
I have a good intuition about DD and his abilities to motivate and mobilize the spirit of the old lady , a thing that we have lacked for many years.


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Apr 30, 2006
Deschamps determined to take Juventus back to top
tribalfooball.com - July 16, 2006

New Juventus coach Didier Deschamps is determined to lead them back into Serie A next season.

Deschamps knew there was a chance his tenure would start outside the top flight when he was appointed on Monday and the former Monaco boss insists his enthusiasm has not diminished following Friday night's ruling by the Federal Appeals Commission.

"I am very happy and proud to be here," he said. "I am very determined and positive that we will do something fantastic together.

"The penalty we have been given is a big one, but we can only do our best.

"It is going to be difficult to get back to Serie A in one year, and it might take two, but even so, we will give it our best shot.

"I have never had any doubts and I made my choice (to coach Juve) aware of the insecurity surrounding the club.

"Our project may change, but not my determination or conviction."


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Oct 1, 2004
Deschamps' Mission: Improbable Saturday 15 July, 2006


New Juventus Coach Didier Deschamps has admitted that his side face an uphill battle to overturn a 30-point deduction and rejoin Serie A.

The ex-Bianconeri player returned to Turin last week to take on the role vacated by Fabio Capello, who has since taken the reins at Real Madrid.

However, the outfit were last night relegated to Serie B and handed a massive 30-point deduction for their part in Calciopoli.

“It’s a big handicap and it’ll be difficult to get back into Serie A at the first attempt,” conceded the Frenchman.

“It may take two seasons, but from now on we need to be at our best and see what happens.”

While it came as little surprise that Juve were relegated to Serie B following the Calciopoli verdict, the huge point deduction shocked many within the club and may ensure that the Bianconeri spend two seasons in the wilderness.

However, Deschamps’ men only have to aim for sixth place if they can win the play-offs, which would mean picking up around 96 points to achieve this.

It’s a tough task – made harder by a fixture list including Fiorentina and Lazio – but far from impossible.

The fact that Alessandro Del Piero will be remaining at the Stadio Delle Alpi is a massive boost to the cause, as Deschamps is only to aware.

“ A few days ago I spoke to Alex and he said that he would stay,” confirmed the former Monaco boss.

“He loves this club, he's a talisman and an inspiration to the other players for this campaign."

source: channel4.com

Everybody loves Alex and thanks for sticking my topic Mark

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