did u see de vaio in juve t-shirt ??? (2 Viewers)

Jul 12, 2002
It's not as if Di Vaio has shown that he could be very much better than he is now. Plus, he isn't getting any younger, so "future super star" is the wrong desrcriptor


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Sep 3, 2002
hi....i didnt mean that u r wrong... & in the same time i'm not...
cause when i said future i ment this season & the next one...
& if i hope something..
i hope Di Vaio to be the same of our Trezegol....:D
welcome again


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Jun 3, 2003
Lol. No. If I remember Ian has been a Barca fan since back in the day. In fact Juve were like his second team or something. Bah can't remember, its been a while.

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