did anyone see the Grammys? (1 Viewer)


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Dec 13, 2004
did anyone see it? i heard they had a southern rock performance wid songs like Sweet Home alabama and Freebird...dayumm? i missed that part..but did anyone see the Maroon5 lead singer....yes lead singer play that killer solo? :dazed:

oh and wassup wid the Tsunami song (nothings gna change my world song)...slash was hardly alive? no solo nothing...haizzz

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Jul 12, 2002
I saw the Grammys... best performance were the tribute to Jonis Joplin and also the duet of Alicia Keys (damm hot!!!) and Jaime Foxx (didn't knew he could sing like that!!!)

The opening act was also cool, but a liltle to much for me tatse...

The country act, well it was "ok" not very impresive...

Very dissapointed of the song that they made for the victims of Asia, it was suppoust to be a great performance by Bono, Steven Tyler, Slash, Alicia Jeys, among others, but they all sang veeeeery bad...

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