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Mar 26, 2003
Di Vaio; Yet Another Star.

Is it comming? The time when Di Vaio inspires Juventus to victory. The time when Di Vaio becomes the new symbol of Juventus. Di Vaio's recent form has all critics in awe. His progress has some believing he could replace David Trezeguet or Del Piero in the starting line-up of Juventus. Is this all true?

His goal against Milan in the San Siro has been hailed as the goal of the season and earned Juventus a well-deserved draw. Not only that, but he is already second top scorer in Serie A, one behind Adriy Shevchenco of AC Milan. His brace against Roma earlier this season also proved vital in absence of injured Del Piero.

Not only has Di Vaio been on scintillating form for Juventus FC, but he has also proved crucial for Giovanni Trappatoni's, Azzuri. He scored his second international goal against Romania, which proved vital as it won the match. His goal against Azerbaijan in Italy's last Euro 2004 qualifier was also a splendid debut goal and has most likely put Di Vaio in a good position to travel to Portugal next summer.

What is to come from Di Vaio this season, is the question in everyone's mind. He not only is a Sunday Serie A player now, he is finally gaining the recognition he deserves. But could the high prestige of Del Piero and Trezeguet keep him from reaching his true potential? With Lippi's new rotation system this doesn't look possible. Through Lippi's rotation system, Di Vaio has been given the oppourtunity to prove himself. He has done so successfully and is hungry for success. Is he finally becoming a true Biancorneri Star? Does he finally deserve to wear the Juventus jersey with the Italian shield?

These questions are slowly being answered through magnificent goals and prolific strikes from the ex-Parma man. He is finally beginining to live up to his potentials and standards. In conclusion, I call on Europe to be prepared to witness yet another star be born from the city of Turin.

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Dj Juve

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Jul 12, 2002
plus it wont come as a surprise if we DO sell DP
Juve has a history of selling their top/famous players.

plus with the money we get from him, we could really get some good youngstars


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Apr 22, 2003
deej that's a bit harsh. It's not unfortunate that he stays, but we could do better than DP.

It'll be hard for a lot of people to let go, and looking for such a symbol will be hard. Gee I really wonder if it'll be Di Vaio though. Honestly, I wouldn't say he has the greatest charisma, but oh well... if he's banging in the goals, nobody's gonna say anything
Sep 28, 2002
come on. di vaio can replace del piero, no doubt, he proved that. by there's no need in replacing him. di vaio SHOULD replace trezeguet. maybe he is a "forward" but in my eyes he's a more prolific striker than trez will ever be.
Sep 28, 2002
and why the hell del piero should be replaced. everyone was so glad that this year juve has incredible squad depth and now you want to weaken the team? that's just irrational.


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Dec 31, 2000
++ [ originally posted by Fliakis ] ++
and why the hell del piero should be replaced. everyone was so glad that this year juve has incredible squad depth and now you want to weaken the team? that's just irrational.
Rationality isn't everybody's strength ;)


Mar 6, 2003
Hehehe yeah... some people a little carried away here :D

DP will never be kicked ou by anyone RIGHT NOW and i think that di vaio... to have a starter place... he will need to maintain this kind of super performances till the end of the season, to fight a spot againt trez.

IM not saying that DP MUSt be irreplacable.. but we all know the Hierarchy in the team, and DP is first than everybody.

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