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Feb 4, 2004
++ [ originally posted by snoop ] ++

how about my dick in your mama's ass?:rolleyes:
Ive NEVER heard anything like that before? How are you able to be so WITTY and CLEVER? Damn guys, this guy is a DEFINATE keeper. Such charm and intelligence.



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Oct 3, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Gino Genesio ] ++

how about my picture i cant make a avataor but i can make other stuff like snoops picture :D

thx man ;) :D


i cant do it how do i do that?
where the heck you find that pic from?damn he is ugly indeed :D


Cuadrado is juan hell of a derby king!
Oct 27, 2004
Snoop doggy fizzle, jizzle mah rizzle, dizzle? shizzle kizzle wizzle.... :p what's that stupid language?

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