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Apr 3, 2003
it's actually very sweet and nice.....
seems alex had very sweet soul and he was very nice kid when he was 9..

i still believe he is the same amazing guy even now,when he is 30


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Jul 30, 2002
yeah, IE sucks, doen't it...?

Here's copy/paste from Opera..

arriva la primavera

la finissima pioggia
di marzo e arrivata
portando con se
la primavera
che arriva
a galoppando
su di un cavallo ricoperto
di fior di pesco.
la principessa primavera
candida come I fiori del melo riempie
tutto il mondo di gioia.
l'inverno se n'e andato per il mondo
a fare provvista
di nuove bufere, di nuove temporali e nuove nebbie
ma c'e ancora tempo,
prima che ritorni,
e questo tempo basta
per tutti noi
ad essere felici,
a riempire il cuore
di luce dorata,
dei mille colori del sole
dei loro profumi,
del canto degli uccelli.

comes the spring

the very light rain
of March has arrived
bringing along
the Spring
that comes
on a horse recovered
with peach tree flowers.
the princess Spring
innocent as the apple tree flowers fills
the whole world with joy.
the Winter has gone around the world
to store
new tempests, new storms and new fogs
but there is still time,
before it returns,
and this time is enough
for all of us
to be happy,
to fill the heart
with golden light,
with the million colours of the sun
with their perfume,
with the birds' song.

(written by Del Piero in 1983, nine years old)


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Jan 22, 2004
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    ++ [ originally posted by Lilianna ] ++
    shit,i can't post it here....

    i can't copy it,i have no idea why.
    a chinese message appears and i understand nothing!!!
    yeah~~can't copy it , me too , coz its been protect and all the things at that website is

    yeah, IE sucks, doen't it...?
    not the IE's problem...


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    Apr 22, 2003
    It is IE's problem, it's a script running that disables selection of text. Mozilla gives users the option to limit what scripts can control (window sizes, toolbar hiding etc)

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