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Sep 21, 2002
all these players are playing crap lately, what happened to them???
I mean, there are other players who are crap right now, but the expectations from them aren't the same like these players.
Del Piero, I know he is a good player, but most of the time I see him, he is realy crap, slow and too predictable. Did he return from the injury? I have to say this season is one of his weakest/

Thuram is the best or one of the best defender, but seemingly he didn't start the season. He is not involved as much in the attack, his passes are too slow and not wise. he takes the ball in defense, and keep it, lose it and we get a goal. both Empoli's second goal and La Corunia's goal are a result of that stupid mistakes. I don't know what happened to him, but he should be back to himself fast!

and finally Di Vaio. In the beginning of the season he scored a lot of goals, wonderful goals, and was very active. then Del Piero returned, and he vanished. He is in a real drought, he doesn't score anymore.
You could say he doesn't get too much chances, but even when he does, he misses a lot and I don't know what happened to him too. we need him in good form, because all our strikers are in poor form, even Miccoli.

what do we do guys?

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Dec 29, 2002
i totally agree and i'm delpiers biggest fan. He just does'nt seem to have that spark or that magic on the field anymore


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Nov 16, 2003
the atmosphere in the club is not what its supposed to be, low morale, lack of confidence, etc.... so dont expect any player to do well, however, i think that del pieros performance is below par but still he is the best in juventus at the mean time.
the player that is surprising me is nedved, i cant believe how terrible he is playing right now..

i guess this season will become like a slap in the face of moggi and bettega, so that they wake up and buy some good fresh players.


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Apr 22, 2003
With Trezeguet injured and the team going through a horrible spell at the moment, it's really time for Di Vaio to step upto the plate. Hopefully the absence of Trezeguet will have the same effect on Marco as Del Piero's injury did earlier in the season


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Dec 23, 2002
when I ever watch juve play this season I only watch Buffon playing alone .....

Sometimes Zambo, maresca or only one of the attackers joins him but where is the rest of the team (1st nedved and Tacchi)

Our best players last year are our worst players this year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Sep 21, 2002
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    ++ [ originally posted by Don Bes ] ++
    what about appiah, tachi, trezeguet. neddy, legro

    all these guys started good and now they all are out of form.

    dont blame it on only DP, DV and thuram.
    from Appiah and Legrottaglie I'm expecting less than the other players.
    I agree with you about Tacchi, it's the same problem :wallbang: Trezeguet is not playing his best too but not too long ago he scored and hattrick, and he is still our top goalscorer.
    Neddy is doing nothing good in attack in the last few weeks. I think it's beause Davids left, and he tries to cover the bad midfield. What we get is an extremely weak Juventus in the attack and in the midfield. and that affect directly the defense, which is not good anyway.

    and now Trezeguet and Marseca are injured... and we have a huge problem!
    so we must have Del Piero, Di Vaio, Thuram, Tacchinardi and Nedved back.
    and if it's possible, see some good things from Legro, Appiah, Miccoli, Montero too.

    I'm sorry we didn't buy anyone in January


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    Feb 14, 2004
    it's not only about ale,di vaio or's about whole juve but buffon...only buffon is showing his true abilities these days...but i'm sure they will back.


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    Nov 1, 2003
    ironic isnt it.....i keep comparing our form this season with manU. both are reigning champions, started the season brightly......and both are struggling ATM. now i dont hate manU that much anymore, coz i know how the fans must be feeling :down:
    Aug 1, 2003
    if we play badly its the whole team's fault. I don't think Del Piero has been doing badly, not bad enough for him to stand out alone in the squad. Thuram has lost his form, but then again he's 30+ so we might as well get a replacement or something, besides, as bad as he is he's not THAT bad. Di Vaio, I honestly don't know what's up with him, he did okay when Dp was injured earlier this season and I dunno why he stumbles when he's given chances to perform late this season, maybe we should just let him be a sub and come on and score for us, who knows


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    Jul 16, 2003
    I don't really see anything wrong with DP or DV. What's wrong with out team is attitude and the defence.


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    Jan 24, 2004
    ++ [ originally posted by only_juve_4ever ] ++
    Well, I hate to admit it, but every Great team must have a slump sometimes. And this is our turn.
    Yeap, that's the point - sadly :down:

    In a soccer textbook called "Theory, Technique, Tactics" (written by Sammy Drechsler, 1920) you can find a frequently quoted sentence:
    "For gaining victories you have to be eleven friends."
    Maybe Lippi should set up a party and invite the squad. :)


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    Mar 6, 2003
    ++ [ originally posted by JuveCampione ] ++

    Neddy is doing nothing good in attack in the last few weeks. I think it's beause Davids left, and he tries to cover the bad midfield. What we get is an extremely weak Juventus in the attack and in the midfield. and that affect directly the defense, which is not good anyway.
    That could be a reason.. lately i have seen nedved defending too much.
    Maybe lIppi oredred him to close in some way the gap.

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