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Dec 16, 2003
Hey mates , am trying to check out the goals with Dp Vs monaco aint workin and same to newcastle and Dortumond , can some1 plz repost them over here :) ,,, i wanna save them :) and thx ... P.s if any1 also can get me the goal Dp scored against man utd in 97 !

Thx MateS !


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Jul 17, 2002
Actually, that would be Tacchinardi or Zambrotta... They've had the armband on longer than DP this season :D

Speaking of captains, In ManU's last CL game, Firdinand was the captain! :eek: while Giggs was on the field. That's insulting to a player who's been loyal to ManU for years. Firdinand has only been a ManU player for a couple of seasons.

It's probibly because Giggs is Welsh not English! :irritate:


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Mar 26, 2003
I have all of Del Piero's CL goals (all in rm and some extras in avi/mpg/wmv). If you want them, get soulseek and add PersianMafia. Sorry, but I simply do not have webspace to upload them to and do not have time to individually send them out via e-mail.


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