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Jul 22, 2004
Nedved reveals Buffon exit Monday 3 July, 2006


Pavel Nedved has revealed that he could play for Juventus in Serie B next term, even if he’s announced that Gigi Buffon won’t be his teammate.

The Czech Republic ace has confirmed that he intends to play on after rejecting the idea of retirement, even if he’s unaware of what club shirt he will be wearing as a result of the match-fixing trial which may see the Old Lady demoted.

"During the week after our elimination from the Work Cup, I decided that I wanted to continue playing," Nedved was quoted as saying in Sport.

"I want to play for at least one more season, but I don't know if I will play for just a club or also for the national team.

“At which club? I probably wouldn’t want to end my career by playing in the Second Division even if it is possible that I could stay at Juve.

“I will return to Turin soon because the new club officials want to speak with me. We’ll see what they say.

"I love Juventus so there is the possibility of playing for them, even in the Second Division,” added the man recently linked with Monaco.

"But there are other options. I could go to England or somewhere else.”

Nedved went on to confirm whispers that Buffon, the best ‘keeper on show at the World Cup, is on his way out of the Delle Alpi.

"I have discussed it with Buffon. He told me he was leaving and that we would probably not play in the same team anymore," Nedved revealed. “I don’t know where he is going though.”

While Buffon is on his way, the former European Footballer of the Year conceded that Alex Del Piero would be remaining as a club symbol.

“I’ve spoken to Alex and I think he’ll stay,” he added. “He’s the main man at Juventus and they will not want to release him.”

Tense momments for Juve fans....after the verdict the pictures will get alot clearer...

if Zambrotta, Buffon and Cannavaro do leave...I hope it'll be to Barca....


May 1, 2006
Buffon is the best goalkeeper, DP & Nedved are close to the end of their careers so they can do what Di Livio did in Fiorentina.
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