Defense Crisis: Who's fault is it? (1 Viewer)

Who's fault is it?

  • Ageing (sluggish) defence.

  • Moggi didn't go for the right defenders.

  • Lippi's constant rotation of defenders.

  • Davids move to Barca, leaving our defenders exposed.

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Apr 24, 2003
The mentality. The rotations. Davids left and Appiah wasnt prepared to assume his role. Not buying defenders on january.


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Jul 16, 2003
I dunno what to vote for here. :down: I just feel that the mentatlity is wrong. Our midfield is weak, they don't surpport the forwards enough and they let to many balls through to the defence. That is 1 problem. The next problem is that the defence is not as organised as last season they arn't able to cope as well as the previous defence and they have the added stress of a weak midfiled. So they tend to crumble.

Ageing defence? They were aleready old last season :wallbang: Now we only got Legro but not in time. I really don't expect him to plop down in Juve and start to play great great right away. Even less so right now when we arn't doing our best.

Wrong defenders? Who did we get? only Legro.... the rest we already had.

Lippi and the rotation? I dout that if he were to stick with a fixed set of defenders from our current squad that the problem would go away. Also, we've had a number of injuries here and there so not always it's his fault. Sometimes it's out of necessity. (I just wonder how on earth can we have all these injuries?? )

Davids? I don't beleve either that 1 man can cause a defence to crumble like this. Yes definately we would probably be doing better now with him, but 1 person did not prevent this from happening before.


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Feb 6, 2004
our defense sucks because of:

- lippi is a part of the juve-past (conservative => iuliano ????!!??)
- moggi didn't get new defenders in the transferwindow
- most of our defenders are old and now also bad
- the rest of our defenders are young and without any experiences in big-clashes !
- only zambrotta seems to be good enough for playing for juve !

and of course a lot of our players are out-of-form !


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Feb 1, 2004
I believe Our Defencing Crisis is because Lippi is depending on some OLD defenders

Montero, Iuliano, Ferrara... Old Defenders

We MUST buy some new young defenders and I'm sure everything will be Ok


Sep 23, 2003
++ [ originally posted by delbecko ] ++
our defense sucks because of:

- lippi is a part of the juve-past (conservative => iuliano ????!!??)
- moggi didn't get new defenders in the transferwindow
I was just thinking this morning about how many of these players really don't have a future as much as they have a past. Their years of preeminence, and championships, are mostly behind them.

Too much was, not enough is, and almost no will be.

The irony is someone like Legrottaglie, who is just 27 and was so awful this year that perhaps the only direction from here has to be up.

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