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Apr 8, 2003
well, about conan...and the stuff...

it might be some sort of fun... but i personally would prefer not to have that fun here...

as for me, though i'm rather half-hearted about juve these days,
i'm far from greeting such posts as conan's. i just suppose it was done to give birth to following polemics of some definite sort...

though, i may have nothing against conan personally...

Layce Erayce

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Aug 11, 2002
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    ++ [ originally posted by Jules ] ++
    What have I missed? Lac? Help!
    well conan is a hater at the juventuz forums. he is a rather nice chap with an uncontrollable desire to vent his anger and frustration.

    btw u remember the days of a certain fartman who supported porto?? :touched:

    i think im getting a little too touchy these days....


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    Apr 8, 2003
    well,guys, i just want to ask you, if you miss juve-haters so much, why there's not a special board, sth like 'flamers paradise' or sort of? make some and enjoy...


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    Jul 14, 2002
    Yeah. We could have the 'Anti-Juve Forum' or something like that. Aca, Malamenga and Conan could be the mods :D


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    Apr 14, 2003
    FARTMAN!!! :(:(:(

    I could have gone my whole life again without that goof! Thanks for the stroll down memory hell, Lac. :cool:

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