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Piemonte Calcio
Sep 4, 2006
He really shouldn't be sold imo. Sure he has quite hit the heights yet but he is still fairly young for a CB and rarely gets a consistent run of games.

Definitely not a player who should be on the transfer list imo


Dec 17, 2007
We can't because he is not a highly wanted players by top teams all over the world.
Just a decent player and we'd be more than happy to get 35m.
After 2-3years at Juventus he didn't improve nor got to a level where we could say "he can replace Chiellini once he retires".
After Bonucci left he had high chances to be Chiellini new partner but then a fully fit Benatia thrown him to the bench without possibilities to get up.

So we don't exactly have the power to refuse good offers cause we want insane ones.

I'd be super happy with 35m.
I would be ok for 30m.
I'd keep him for anything less.

We have Caldara so even withour Rugani we're packed in the cbs department.
Benatia-Chiellini-Caldara and Barzagli. We don't need more unless even Benatia get sold
We say this but he is 23
Bonucci was horrendous at that age, Chiellini was a left back
He's been solid, definitely keep him

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