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Aug 21, 2010
he donated 23 mil euros to World health organization? Not a reliable source (a random page on fb), but if true... This guy, man... He`s so gonna stay relevant decades after he inevitably retires...


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Apr 29, 2006
Bravissimo CR7!!!

Turning his hotels into hospitals for free and paying for doctors. Now that is what rich people and stars should be doing, no questions asked.

In the meantime other 'leaders' are considering how to help financial institutions burden the losses. Creditors must be protected, no matter if act of god or force majeure... :eek:
Nov 3, 2019
''Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney has recalled taking Cristiano Ronaldo to McDonald's the night before a game - because the Portuguese star "wanted a Big Mac".

Rooney and Ronaldo struck up a close relationship on and off the pitch at Old Trafford as they fired the Red Devils to three straight Premier League titles.

But Ronaldo took some time to adjust to the Premier League as he transformed his physique after arriving as a lightweight teenager.

Whilst he is considered a prime example of one of the world's greatest athletes, Rooney has recalled how he went against nutritional advice in a bid for a quick-fix as he turned to the occasional fast food meal to gain weight fast. ''

Maybe a security man should guard Ronaldo therewith he doesnt go secretly to Mc Donalds at night :fab2:


Oct 28, 2010

But Donald Trump is still going to turn the Trump tower into a Hospital and will offer free treatment for his citizens right? Or is this fake news too?
only if he can overcharge the American govt. you know, the way he does when the secret service stays at his hotels and resorts

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